Hot Yoga Sauna

Relax, soothe sore muscles & joints and let stress fade away in your very own Hot Yoga Sauna. This type of sauna easily converts from a traditional steam sauna with multi-tier benches into a hot yoga sauna with a large low bench platform. Now you can combine and enjoy the benefits of yoga and sauna together. Turn sauna heater temperature down low for 110°F gentle room heat that will help loosen and relax muscles for Hot Yoga Sauna posing and stretching. We have shipped sauna heaters & kits to US and Carribean locations for use with Hot Yoga Sauna workouts.

Easily convert back to regular traditional sauna by re-arranging bench tiers and turn sauna heater thermostat up. Use the sauna heater as is for dry sauna or pour water over sauna heater rocks for traditional Finnish steam sauna. Select from several T&G wall paneling types: white Aspen, Red Cedar or White Cedar.

The recommended minimum size for a Hot Yoga Sauna is:

4' x 7' sauna room for 1 person Yoga workout

7' x 7' sauna room for 2 person Yoga workout

Hot Yoga Sauna option for sauna kit. Convert from 2 tier steam sauna to 1 tier hot yoga platform.

3 easy steps to ordering a Hot Yoga Sauna Kit

Determine Size: Research saunas to determine what you want: size, capacity, layout, options, etc. Our design consultants will help you choose options for economy or luxury. Ask for Chuck, he has designed Commercial and Residential saunas worldwide. View our Sauna Liner Kit pricelist with common size detailed quotes for ideas

Get a Quote: Select a common size sauna from the Liner Kit Price List OR fill out a Custom Sauna Planner form to get a quote on sauna & shipping. Address required to quote shipping. Download Custom Sauna Planner form

Purchase: To proceed with order, just email or fax acceptance of quote and call with payment information. Visa/MC, Paypal (AmEx & Discover accepted through Paypal) or drop check in mail. We offer factory direct pricing on some of the best quality saunas on the market.

When payment is received, production will begin on order. Usually 2-4 weeks for production and shipping. Installation of Hot Yoga Sauna Kit is done by yourself or local builder, parts are labeled & instructions included. Call us, we'll assist through the entire Hot Yoga sauna building process. Sauna kit parts are labeled for ease of assembly. 1-877-872-2806 Toll Free.

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