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Click on the links above for residential and commercial sauna layouts. See sauna component placement and get ideas for designing and building your own indoor sauna. Sauna Construction is basically a standard framed-in room lined with the special woods and materials designed for traditional steam sauna use.

A few Key Features of Sauna Construction:

Tongue & Groove Sauna woods are typically kiln dried to 6-8% moisture to stabilize the wood fibers to minimize shrinkage / warpage after installation. Standard air dried T&G boards used for sauna construction will likely shrink and warp after many sauna sessions. Stainless steel nails are best to use in sauna construction to eliminate chance of fasteners corroding and leaving unsightly streaks on walls and benches.

Sauna benches are important to properly plan for your sauna construction project. Comfort, function and best utilization of space should be considered. If the sauna room is wide or long enough to lay down, 24" deep benches are most comfortable, otherwise 18" benches work well for sitting. Standard bench heights are 18" and 36" from floor for 2 tier benches. If you have at least a 7' 6" ceiling height, you can have a 3rd tier bench at 54" height. Remember more bench area in the upper tiers is best for the high heat zone. A general rule might be you lose 1 degree Fahrenheit for every inch from ceiling so you don't want excessive space above your head when sitting on top tier bench.

It is recommended to decide on a sauna heater before lining your sauna construction project. Match a correct sized heater for your sauna with only the sauna room cubic feet volume and the supplied voltage. Read the heater install manual to plan wiring, control location, and proper backing inside wall to fasten heater to. Sauna construction main electrical hookup for sauna heater should be done by a licensed electrician.

After the sauna room is framed, insulated and wired, the lining can be installed. The sauna construction starts with Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier, the first necessary sauna component, installed to framing studs with a standard hand staple gun. Starting at floor, go around room and overlap sections up to ceiling, then cover ceiling. Aluminum hi-heat tape is recommended for proper sealing of vapor barrier seams. The sauna room is now ready to install sauna interior woods and heater.


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