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Steam Rooms D.I.Y.

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Do-It-Yourself Steam Room Projects:
traditional tiled steam rooms and acrylic enclosures

Traditional Tiled Steam Rooms are still very popular

Steam Rooms

Traditional Steam Rooms are a popular way to wind down and relax at home or in commercial facilities like gyms, health clubs and resorts. Steam Rooms are high humidity heated environments, intended for relaxing and cleansing. The temperature of a steam room is usually between 110-120°F for maximum comfort and relaxation. 
A traditional steam room is tiled on walls, ceiling and floor to provide a waterproof surface on the room interior. The steam generator unit converts electricity and water into vaporized steam which goes through pipes to steam heads inside the room for the bather to enjoy. Think of hooking up a steam generator like installing a water heater, with cold water piped in, steam piped out and an electrical circuit. For large commercial steam rooms, a gang of steam generators or a steam boiler is utilized that does the same task on a much larger scale.

Steam Room ControlsA variety of Steam Room Controls allow the bather to adjust comfort level. The push button 'Dual Control' is very popular and allows bather to turn steam generator On/Off with a built-in 30 minute timer from a control panel outside the room and a 2nd panel inside the steam room. The newest control is handheld and wireless to control the steam room from any room in the house or health club. Many steam generator installations require the use of Scale-X Filter System and the Cool Flush auto drain system.

Traditional Tiled Steam Rooms are still the most popular typeSteam Room Design: when constructing a tiled steam bath room, consider these design points:  be sure tile or wall material of room interior is rated for the hot moist conditions of a steam bath  • generally, vents and windows are not recommended in steam rooms  • a floor drain is installed for allowing water from steam to drain and for cleaning  • the ceiling height should be kept under 8 feet high  • design room so condensation has a path to travel down to drain without dripping, slight sloped ceiling & benches, etc.  • seal all material and accessory joints (door jamb, steam head, etc) to tile with a high temp silicone sealant.

For Do-It-Yourself tiled steam rooms, just add our steam room door and a steam generator with control and steam head to complete your project. Residential steam generators typically use 240v single phase power. Some acrylic shower enclosures can be converted to a hybrid steam room with a small 110v steam generator.

Commercial and Residential Acrylic Steam Rooms

Hybrid Steam Rooms
Modular Acrylic Steam Rooms are becoming more popular in recent years, for benefits of fast installation and minimal maintenance. The next generation of modular steam rooms (called hybrid steam rooms) are a highly efficient Acrylic substitute to the traditional tile steam room. Compared to tile rooms, the Hybrid rooms require less maintenance and less energy to operate. Traditional tiled steam rooms harbor a variety of bacteria and mold in the grout and pours of the tile, and over a period of 3-5 years, the grout begins to deteriorate thus requiring renovation. Hybrid steam room systems provide many years of trouble-free service to high-traffic commercial facilities and come with an industry leading 5-year warranty. Today, many commercial architects and facility managers have made the switch from tile to the high-tech Hybrid steam room systems.

Efficient - Hybrid steam rooms are 50% more efficient than stone tile and 30% more efficient than ceramic tile. This translates to hundreds of dollars in savings per year.

Sanitary - Tile and bonding materials used in traditional steam rooms are porous and therefore harbor and promote the growth of molds and bacteria. The smooth non-porous interior of an Scandia Hybrid steam system combined with the Power Zone 400 automatic sterilizer does not present a favorable growth environment for bacteria and mold.

Maintenance - Traditional tile steam rooms require weekly (sometimes daily) deep cleaning of the tile and grout in order keep the environment clean, and within a couple years the grout will discolor and begin to deteriorate. Hybrid steam systems can be sprayed down with standard household cleaning products for plastic shower enclosures.

Installation - A traditional tile steam room can take several days to construct and can be quite costly. A typical Hybrid steam room can be assembled in one day.

Longevity - Hybrid steam rooms come with a 5-Year panel replacement warranty. With traditional tiled steam rooms, history shows it will need to be re-tiled within five years.

Steam Room made of tiled marble

Steam Room made of tiled granite slate

Steam Room made of ceramic tile with marble benches

Steam Room made of ceramic tiles