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Aromatherapy Steam

Steam Room Aromatherapy options are manual application on steam head reservoir or fully automatic Mystifier fragrance oil dispersion system to inject scent into steam flow at adjustable rate.  

steam room eucalyptus oil pump systemThe Fragrance Injector System for Steam Rooms adds the therapeutic benefits Eucalyptus Oil and you have infinite control over the flow of steam room eucalyptus oil that best fits your facility. System can be installed in less than 1 hour by your in-house mechanic / maintenance person. The Eucalyptus Oil pump turns with your steam generator, when the temperature sensor detects steam in the pipe between the generator and the steam head. Then the pump accurately disperses oil directly into the steam head pipe so the Eucalyptus Oil is vaporized and does not leave residue on surfaces that hand powered spray bottles do. This system is excellent for use in commercial facilities like health clubs, spas and resorts as well as residential applications.   

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