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Home Sauna

The home sauna is usually installed in the basement, backyard or spare room of a residence. Home saunas are best used daily as a way to relax, recover from aches and pains, reduce stress, help with detoxification, have some quiet time or just as a way to warm up on a cold winter day. The home sauna can be of a portable pre-fab type or a permanent installation in a framed and insulated room.

Home saunas typically utilize an electric sauna heater for convenience and low maintenance. Most residential sauna heaters are powered by 240 volt single phase electricity, which is hooked up to the main power box by a licensed electrician. Some small saunas can use a 120 volt sauna heater wired to its own circuit breaker. Just turn a dial or program preset timer and in 30 minutes the home sauna room is heated and ready to enjoy.The energy cost of heating a home sauna is probably a lot less than you might think, usually less than $1 per day for 30 minute warm up and 1 hour sauna time. Many people enjoy splashing some water on the hot sauna rocks for steam as in the traditional Finnish sauna. All of Superior Saunas heaters can use water for steam or just be used dry if preferred.

The size of a home sauna depends on how many family members, or visiting relatives and friends you might want to accomodate and visit with while taking a sauna. With a 7 foot 6 inch sauna ceiling height you can add a 3rd tier bench to increase guest seating space. Home Sauna bench layouts can be tailored for maximum comfort or more seating capacity. A 24" deep sauna bench allows the sauna user to lay down for maximum relaxation. Or for more seating capacity, install 3 tiers of 18" deep benches with a ceiling height of at least 7' 6".

Home saunas are commonly installed indoors and can use an All Glass Panel entrance door. The large glass panel makes the smallest of saunas seem more spacious. Frame in proper rough opening in the sauna room and easily install a pre-hung sauna door. Epoxy coated hardware and an easy magnetic latch make for many years of maintenance free sauna enjoyment.

Wood tile flooring in the home sauna makes for a comfortable surface to walk on and is easily removed for thorough cleaning of the sauna. Western Red Cedar floor tiles are the economical choice for beautiful snap-together sauna flooring. Hardwood Ipe is the ideal choice for a durable sauna floor that will last for generations.

With a little maintenance, a home sauna will last for many decades. The average home sauna should be cleaned monthly with a sauna cleaner liquid.Brush over wood surfaces with diluted solution while the sauna is cooling down then leave door open to help evaporate moisture. Sauna heater rocks should be reset every year to maintain correct operation. Sauna rocks will eventually crumble and become compacted due to many heating / cooling cycles and especially if a lot of water is used on the hot rocks. Take out all sauna rocks, rinse sediment off, throw away crumbling ones and reset rocks loosely in between heating elements and on top. This minimal maintenance will ensure correct operation and efficiency of your home sauna heater.

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