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Aspen Sauna

Aspen Sauna

White Aspen wood saunas have a distinct lighter look than the Western Red Cedar saunas. Aspen saunas are very popular in Finland and Russia where Aspen forests are common. The Russian Banya is similar to a sauna and is commonly made with Aspen lumber. Aspen forests cover the upper Midwest through to the East Coast of the U.S. so naturally many saunas in these regions are Aspen saunas.

Aspen sauna wood is the material of choice for hospital saunas in Finland as it is non-allergenic (almost no scent). It is a good choice for American commercial saunas that want to accomodate more sauna users, free from the sometimes over powering cedar scent that can irritate certain respiratory conditions. Aspen Saunas are recommended by some doctors to aid in patient detoxification programs.

When choosing wood type for your sauna, it is mostly the overall look of the Aspen sauna wood or the Western Red Cedar woods that people consider. Both types of wood will last many years in a properly constructed and vented sauna that provides several air exchanges per hour.

An Aspen Custom Sauna Kit has all of the pieces that would be installed inside your pre-framed and insulated room as a permanent installation. Kits include foil vapor barrier, tongue & groove paneling for walls and ceiling, trim package, benches, vents, sauna heater, stainless steel nails and some accessories. Custom saunas are tailored to fit in the LxWxH rough opening (stud to stud) or your commercial or residential space.

Aspen Prefab Sauna Kits assemble in hours and the modular panels easily come apart to relocate if neccessary. Prefab saunas are used indoors typically setup in a basement or recreation area of a home.

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