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Custom Sauna

Custom Sauna with Aspen wood

A custom sauna is a kit of sauna components manufactured to fit into any size pre-framed and insulated space in a home or commercial facility. There are several important details that the sauna manufacturer needs to know before manufacturing a Custom Sauna Kit, such as the sauna room rough opening measurements and a basic sketch of the room floor plan. For a complete list, see our Custom Sauna Planner Form. Superior Saunas is unique in offering a huge menu of all sauna items in the category Do-It-Yourself Sauna Parts.

Almost any room in a house can be converted into a sauna with a Custom Sauna Kit, such as a spare room, a closet or if space allows, under the steps. It is recommended to remove any existing wall / ceiling paneling to get to the framing studs. Insulate room with standard fiberglass insulation, run wiring for sauna light and heater and you are ready to install a custom sauna kit.

Commercial custom sauna kits are manufactured for hotels, health clubs, resorts, military bases and more. Commercial grade sauna heaters are used for years of sauna enjoyment, whether used dry or with sprinkling water on sauna heater rocks for steam.

There are many choices of options for custom saunas. The main wood type choices are white Aspen or Western Red Cedar. Sauna heaters can be electric, wood burning or gas. Electric sauna heaters are the most convenient, just turn a dial and wait about 30 minutes to heat room. Wood burning stoves are more traditional and offer a better quality heat for outdoor custom saunas. Gas sauna stoves are great for areas where natural gas or propane is the economical choice. Custom Sauna bench layouts can be tailored for maximum comfort or more seating capacity. A 24" deep sauna bench allows the sauna user to lay down for maximum relaxation. Or for more seating capacity, install 3 tiers of 18" deep benches with a ceiling height of at least 7' 6".

Custom Sauna doors are made to standard sizes or to fit an existing rough opening. Sauna door options are: choice of wood type, insulated glass units and choice of door handle styles.

A custom aspen/basswood Superior Sauna Kit was installed in the Hill Family's House on Extreme Makeover Home Edition in 2011. See video of house with sauna (about 5 min. into video)

See Custom Cut Sauna Kit pricing here or request a quotation for a Custom Sauna by completing and sending in the Custom Sauna Planner Form.

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