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Modular Sauna

Modular Saunas

Modular Sauna

Modular saunas are pre-fabricated into panels or sections that can be assembled in hours. The modular sauna is fully assembled at the factory then disassembled into panels and packaged as a kit. This type of sauna kit is also referred to as a Pre-Fab Sauna Kit.

The main advantage of having a Modular Sauna is that it can be disassembled and moved to a new location, should you decide to move. So compared to a permanent installed Custom Sauna, the modular sauna can in a sense be considered portable.

There is very little labor required at the installation site so the modular sauna is more expensive than a Do-It-Yourself Custom Sauna Kit, because the assembly work was done at the factory. If you can frame in the sauna room and install the sauna kit yourself, a Custom Sauna kit can save $$$ on initial cost of sauna. The cost of hiring a builder to frame the sauna room and assemble the kit can cost a lot more than a Modular Sauna kit.  

Modular Saunas are complete with pre-fab benches, heater guard and of course an electric sauna stove. Many modular saunas also have a glass panel sauna door and windows to make the room feel larger. Duckboard is typically included for the walking area in the modular sauna.

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