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Sauna Bath

Custom Sauna with Aspen wood

Traditional Finnish Sauna Bath

The sauna bath has been enjoyed by many cultures through the centuries. The idea is to sweat enough to feel cleaner than most other ways of bathing. After two or three sessions in the sauna, the pores in the skin are open and easily release dirt, then a quick rinse off after the sauna bath leaves the body very clean with a sense of well being.

The ideal sauna bath is a wood burning outdoor sauna building near a lake. The traditional Finnish sauna bath method is to take a refreshing dip in the lake after the sauna session.

Sauna bath designs can incorporate a drain if the sauna bather wishes to rinse off inside the sauna building. A waterproof floor is a good idea, such as tile or rubber sheeting with Ipe wood snap together draining floor tiles.

Be sure to drink refreshing liquids to rehydrate after the sauna bath. Enjoy the feeling of well being that is unique to the sauna experience.

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