Commercial Boilers

Steam Boiler back view showing pipe fittings and connectionsThe Amerec family of Commercial Steam Boilers has a model for any large Steam Room(s) application.

The AI steam boiler series is for large, constant use steam rooms. The Steam Boiler is hooked up much like a water heater – a cold water line to the generator and a hot steam line out, plus an electrical circuit and control circuits.

Steam Bath Boilers and controlsAutomated Operation and easy on-site maintenance

Ideal for large steam rooms, the Amerec Commercial Steam Bath Boilers are designed for optimum user enjoyment and ease of use. A variety of standard features makes these boilers desirable from a facilities maintenance point of view and delivers reliable service for owners. Each unit is designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off, automated operation.

Amerec engineering and technology incorporates several unique featues making Amerec boilers the commercial steam generator choice of facilities maintenance engineers.

ADI Automatic Drain Option.

The ADI auto drain option drains the steam boiler tank following each steam bath and flushes water through the tank to reduce sediment build up and provide longer element life. The tank remains empty until the next steam bath, when the tank is refilled with fresh water for a more pleasant bathing experience.

See the Fragrance Pump System details for automated scented oil dispersion into the steam room, that turns on or off with steam flow and you can adjust flow down to a few drops per minute. 

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