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Sauna Lighting

Sauna Lighting Fixtures are properly designed to handle the high temperature and humidity of a traditional sauna. They are also great for infrared or dry sauna rooms.

Sauna Wall Light is the most popular sauna light in North AmericaThe most popular sauna light in North America is the standard Sauna Wall Light which uses standard incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts. The Sauna Light Switch should be on the exterior wall of the sauna, near the entrance door. A dimmer switch is commonly installed to control this light fixture to allow more relaxing light level for enjoying sauna as well as full brightness for reading or cleaning/maintaining your sauna. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are not recommended for the high temperature non-vented sauna light fixture, unless you find a CFL bulb designed for that application.

Recessed Spectra Sauna Lighting SystemThe Recessed Sauna Lighting Kit has 8 recessed fixtures and uses just over 100 watts, featuring 5 halogen white lights and 3 multi-color therapy lights. If you have a Finnleo or Polar sauna heater with a SaunaLogic digital control (which has buttons for lighting), you can get the add-on Spectra Light Kit with fixtures and wiring that plugs into the existing heater contactor box. The complete Spectra Light Kit includes a wood trimmed 3 button control panel and a power control box that plugs into a standard 110v outlet, regardless of which Sauna Heater control system you have.

Choose a Sauna Light Location to mount the fixture where it will safely illuminate the entire walking area and is not likely to be bumped into when climbing up onto the sauna benches. Remember the Sauna Light Fixture gets very hot being up near the ceiling, so the sauna light placement is an important safety consideration when designing your sauna room. Typically the wall mounted fixture is located near the sauna heater (not directly above) in a place where there is little chance of accidentally bumping into it. Recessed ceiling light fixtures allow more flexible placement. If you like to read in the sauna, then install them directly above the center of the benches. For a more relaxed feeling, install lights just in front of the benches over the flooring.