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Electric, Wood Burning and Gas Sauna Heaters

Sauna Heaters for Residential & Commercial FacilitiesSauna Heaters and Sauna Heater options for any residential or commercial steam sauna. Electric sauna heaters are the most popular type for durability and convenience in constant use commercial facilities such as gym's, athletic clubs, hotels, hospitals, military bases and more. For the best traditional Sauna experience, we recommend Polar or Finnleo brand heaters that have an ample rock capacity for plenty of steam when you scoop water onto the hot rocks. Scandia sauna heaters are good for dry saunas (or little steam with small rock tray) as they use a combination of convection and radiant heat for fast heat up times. Small residential saunas around 4' x 4' would use a small electric sauna heater, around 3 KiloWatts (3,000 Watts). Large commercial saunas are best heated by floor standing 3-phase electric heaters or the Scandia Gas 280 sauna heater. Most residential locations use 240v single phase power. Commercial facilities many times have 208v 3-phase power supplied. If not sure what your electical power voltage/phase type is, contact your power company or a licensed electrician before ordering a sauna heater. 

Only traditional sauna heaters allow use of water on hot rocks for steam

The Sauna Heater is the heart of the traditional Finnish steam saunaThe sauna heater is the heart of the traditional Finnish steam sauna, providing comforting heat and ample steam when pouring water on the sauna rocks. All of our sauna heaters can be used dry or for traditional steam sauna, just pour a ladle of water every 3 to 5 minutes to produce steam and bring the humidity level to your preference. Eucalyptus sauna oil can be diluted in sauna water bucket for a refreshing vaporized scent to help relieve cold / illness symptoms. Some of the best benefits of sauna use are: flush toxins through sweating, increased blood flow to skin surface for healthy skin and circulation, and a soothing feeling of well-being afterward with more restful sleep. Be sure to match the correct sized sauna heater for your application, by knowing the cubic foot total of your sauna room (width x depth x height in feet). Shopping by the cubic foot total works for most sauna heater applications, except for outdoor saunas in cold climates may want to upgrade to the next KiloWatt size up heater to compensate for the lower starting temperature.

The 3 types of traditional steam Sauna Heaters are:

  • Wood Fired Sauna Stoves: more traditional, can achieve higher temperatures, more maintenance & cleaning
  • Electric Sauna Heaters: most convenient, fast warm up time, accurate temperature control
  • Propane / Natural Gas Sauna Heaters: needs no electricity to operate, millivolt ignition system, alternative to high cost electricity areas

Sauna Heater Wall Mounted Controls for Finnleo, Helo, Polar and Amerec electric sauna stovesElectric Sauna Heater Controls are usually one of two types: built-in controls in the heater body OR a separate wall mounted control panel usually mounted on the outside wall of the sauna near the sauna entrance door. Typical standard sauna controls have 2 dials, one is a timer and the other is temperature thermostat control. The timer control options are usually: 60 minute countdown timer OR 9 hour pre-set timer that can count down from up to 9 hours and then switch on for the last 60 minutes. For example, the 9 hour timer can be set to automatically turn on an hour before you wake up or get home from a day of skiing. Saunas in commercial facilities like Gyms often utilize a CLUB control with a simple On/Off switch for all day use, that requires a club attendant on duty. OR the 24 hour timer can be setup to automatically turn on the sauna heater for set operating hours every day. Many sauna control panels also include a toggle switch for turning on a sauna room light fixture. The thermostat dial on sauna controls can be set down to maintain a lower heat for certain applications, such as for Hot Yoga Sauna. This type of sauna is just like any other, however it has a special versatile bench layout where the top level seats are moved to the bottom bench rail to make a large platform for Yoga posing and stretching in the warm comfort of the heated room.

Sauna Heater Digital Controls: Sauna Logic panel (shown here) is compatible with plug-in Spectra Sauna Light KitDigital sauna heater controls are becoming more popular now as reliability and pricing is more comparative to standard controls. Digital sauna controls are more accurate at controlling temperature and many units display actual temperature on the display. Many digital controls can be programmed pre-set to turn on at a certain time of day. The SaunaLogic digital sauna heater control has buttons for add-on sauna lighting kits (with recessed white halogen bulbs and LED color therapy bulbs) that simply plug into control panel. 

It is recommended to study the sauna heater install manuals for your heater model ahead of time, to plan proper electrical wiring and heater mounting location with wall supports behind sauna paneling. Sauna heater control panel installation with thermocouple and wiring are also explained. See our Sauna Room Design Example drawing for ideas on how to plan proper fastener support inside wall for wall mounted heaters and benches. Most sauna heaters are wall mounted, while large residential or commercial saunas require the use of a larger floor standing heater with a much larger rock capacity. A licensed electrician should do the main power wire hookup to fuse panel. Be sure to let us know your supplied voltage, 208v (typical for commercial) or 240v (typical for residential) when ordering your sauna heater. Many sauna control panels have a built-in light switch that typically need a separate 110v supply wire.

Wood Burning Sauna HeatersWood burning sauna heaters are great for remote locations or any location that allows wood burning stoves according to local building codes. Electric lights are not necessary when utilizing the glass loading door option which provides light directly from the burning wood. Another wood fired sauna stove option is a water tank. A convenient built-in water tap will provide heated water for bathing or other use. Most sauna wood stoves can route the chimney pipe straight up through the celing OR out the back of stove through outside wall of sauna. Bricks or cement board heat sheild may be needed to surround the stove in tight clearances, see installation manuals for details. A slide-out ash pan and quality cast-iron stove grate are standard on all models of wood burning sauna stoves.  

Scandia Gas Sauna Heaters use propane or natural gas, no electricity req'dConsidered the finest sauna heater in the world, the Scandia Ultra gas sauna heater is made from 100% stainless steel and features an extra large rock tray that instantly transforms the sauna into a steam sauna or banya. More efficient than traditional electric heaters, the Ultra gas sauna heater does not require continuous replacement of costly heating elements, and works well for locations with very high electricity cost where the cost of Natural Gas or Propane is a cost effective alternative. The initial cost of installation is much higher than other types of sauna heaters, so a gas heater is not recommended unless there are few other options.

Gas Sauna heaters come complete with a galvanized back-panel assembly, stainless steel wall flashing and a flu-cap or draft hood (for direct thru wall or vertical venting). The ultra-sauna comes standard with a 60 minute timer and a mechanical thermostat. Optional items include a 24-hour timer for pre-setting the sauna on and off times. The Peizo Ignitor Kit can save energy costs by turning on gas valve and igniting only when sauna is being used, versus having a pilot light running 24/7.

Commercial Sauna Heater with element damage resulting from crumbling, compacted sauna rocksSauna heaters are easy to turn on with just a twist of a dial, but the day when it doesn't work we see how convenient they truly are. Usually just one damaged heating element needs replaced to get back up and running. Just from many years of regular use heating up/cooling down with water sprinkled on elements & rocks will cause wear and may eventually crack element casing. We have sauna heater replacement parts in stock for many brands like Finnleo, Polar, Helo, Tylo, Scandia and more. Common replacement parts are heating elements, timers, thermostats, control faceplates, high limit switches and rocks. Sauna rocks will eventually deteriorate which will cause other parts to fail. Read more about Sauna Heater Maintenance and be sure inspect sauna rock condition when troubleshooting your sauna heater. Also see Sauna Rock Info and Reset Diagram

Buyer beware of cheap imitation brand sauna heaters and infrared saunas. The sauna market is being flooded with cheap imported sauna heaters that look similar to quality time-tested brand units. Before you consider buying a cheap sauna heater, be sure to know warranty info and that they will be able to offer you replacement parts (like elements, timer, etc.) when the heater eventually breaks down.  Keep in mind if a cheap imitation brand sauna heater breaks a month after warranty runs out, that parts are typically not available from the distributor. The brands of sauna heaters that Superior Sauna offers have been in business for decades and replacement parts are available beyond the reasonable lifetime of the sauna heater, usually 20 to 30 years.

Use the Sauna Room Cubic Feet Calculator to help find recommended size sauna heater for your sauna

 Sauna Heaters for any location: Electric, Gas or Woodburning Stoves

Wood Fired Sauna Stove with glass door option installed in traditional Finnish Outdoor Sauna

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