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Sauna Heater Parts

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Call 1-877-872-2806 to order many other Sauna Heater Parts for brands like Polar, Helo, Finnleo, Saunatec, Amerec / Nasscor, Tylo, Finlandia, Scandia / Vico, and others. Most popular replacement parts are listed in our online store

Repair your sauna heater to like new condition with Superior Sauna replacement parts. Parts for most sauna heaters in service: sauna heater elements and coils, contactors, thermostats, timers, control components and of course sauna rocks. In some cases, it is cost effective to purchase a NEW SAUNA HEATER depending on how many elements need replacing and the age of the heater. Sauna heaters older than 20 years may be obsolete and not have replacement parts available, but we will do our best to locate parts for you. Owners and Managers of commercial facilities like health clubs, gyms and hotels can keep guests happy with a working sauna.

Parts for many brands of electric sauna heaters: Scandia, Polar, Finnleo, Amerec, Helo and more        Wood Burning Sauna Heater Parts and Accessories

Most Common Sauna Heater Parts
• Heating Elements (coils): parts with metal loops and voltage connection terminals, usually 2 or more elements in each sauna heater.
• Thermostat (thermocouple): a module typically with a dial on the sauna control panel to adjust level of heat, with a copper capillary bulb that feeds into sauna room and senses heat level.)
• High Limit / Reset Switch: a safety device that prevents overheating and disconnects the power to the elements if tripped, usually just push reset button after heater cools down, replace when button won't stay engaged with cold heater
• Timer: Control panel unit with knob that controls how long the sauna heater is on, sometimes timer is mounted on heater body. There are usually 2 types of timers; 60 minute and 9 hour pre-set. Note: most 9 hr timers have a delay if turned all the way up, so the heater is actually 'ON' only for the last 1 hr of dial.
Contactor: an electrically operated switch for sending high voltage power to the sauna elements.
Sauna Control Faceplate: commercial saunas are used for most of the day and over the years the control faceplate gets scratched and becomes unreadable.
Sauna Rocks: Most sauna heaters have rocks set in between heating elements. Rocks store heat, release a softer heat and allow water to be used for traditional steam sauna. Rocks must be taken out and reset so often to achieve proper operation. Read more about sauna heater maintenance here.
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When ordering replacement sauna heater parts please have this information ready

Manufacturer name: Saunatec, Polar, Helo, Finnleo, Amerec / Nasscor, Metos, Scandia / Vico, Finlandia, Tylo and others (also some older models like Sears and Montgomery Wards brands)
Type or model number (on Mfg. info tag)
Supply voltage, 240v (typ. residential) or 208v (typ. commercial)
Type number on control unit (if separate from heater; Mfg. info tag is under faceplate)
• Many heating elements have numbers stamped on them, just remove worn element and look closely at the entire element. These numbers are a way to ensure correct replacement part, but are not usually required.
• It is very helpful for you to email a few photos (of heater and control panel) to help with finding correct replacement parts, especially if you cannot find the model or TYPE number on heater. Email photos to
Additional Information
NO RETURNS ON SAUNA HEATER PARTS: We cannot accept returns of sauna heater parts, so please be sure which parts are needed before ordering. Provide your heater Brand, Model and /or Type (or Typ) number and we will match the correct part needed for your application. In most cases a simple visual inspection of elements, control panel components, thermostat wire, etc. will show damaged part. A licensed electrician will be able to safely troubleshoot a non-functioning sauna heater by testing for voltage and resistance of elements and checking for voltage at control panel and contactor.
• We do not stock or locate any replacement parts for Infrared Saunas. In many cases, the Infrared Sauna kits are imports from manufacturers that sell a bunch of units then go out of business, thus having no replacement parts or service after the sale. Our best advice to find infrared sauna parts is to:

1. Contact the dealer that sold the unit to you
2. Search online for the Manufacturer and Model Number.

See our selection of quality Infrared Sauna Rooms and Infrared Sauna Do-It-Yourself Kits from a U.S. based company that plans on being in business for many years and to offer replacement parts when you may need them.
• For replacement heater rocks, see the Heater Rock Weight Chart.
• Read about tips on Sauna Heater Maintenance
• Please fill out our Heater replacement parts request or call 1-877-872-2806