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Sauna Heater Install / Wiring ManualsSauna Heaters & Controls Installation & Wiring Manuals: learn about sauna heater wiring connections, sauna heater controls, voltage requirements, wire size and more. Heaters with built-in controls are the easiest to install. Heaters with wall mounted controls have a few more wires to hook up, but they are much more convenient to use once installed. Many sauna control panels also have a switch for sauna lighting.

See our Sauna Room Design Example drawing for how to plan proper fastener support behind T&G paneling for wall mounted heaters.


Amerec / Polar electric heaters:

Amerec / McCoy electric heaters:

Older Model Heaters:

UL, ETL, and CSA approval info:

Tylo heaters:

Finnleo / Helo electric heaters:

Amerec / Finnleo / Helo / Polar Wood Stoves:

Sauna Heater Maintenance:

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Sauna Heater main power wiring connection should be hooked up by a licensed electrician according to local codes. See manuals for sauna heater installation, wiring diagrams, wire sizes, sauna controls, voltage requirements and more before ordering your sauna heater. Residential sauna heaters are typically 240v single phase, while Commercial facilities usually have 208v 3 phase power.


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