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Gas, Scandia (Vico)

Sauna Size Model
  630   max Scandia Gas 240-FC
  630   max Scandia Gas 245-DH
  1680 max Scandia Gas 280-FC
  1680 max Scandia Gas 285-DH
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The Scandia Ultra Gas Sauna Heater is all Stainless Steel with a 10yr limited warranty. Considered the finest commercial grade sauna heater in the world, the Scandia (formerly Vico Mfg.) Ultra gas sauna heater is made with pride in the U.S.A. An extra large rock tray instantly transforms the sauna into a steam sauna. More efficient than traditional electric heaters, the Ultra gas sauna heater does not require ongoing replacement of costly heating elements. This robust gas sauna heater was originally made by Vico Manufacturing since the 1960's for the commercial sauna market.

The ultra sauna gas sauna heater comes standard with a dual dial control panel with a 60 minute timer and a mechanical thermostat. A 24-hour timer is optional. Scandia gas burning sauna heaters can use Natural Gas or Propane, just specify when ordering. See the Gas Sauna Heater Order Specifications. Ultra gas sauna heaters can be used dry or just pour water on the rock steamer tray for steam.

Finding your correct sauna heater size is easy, simply find the cubic footage of your sauna by multipling the dimensions in feet: Length x Width x Height. Viola, you have the cubic footage of your sauna room. Use our quick finder chart or browse our heaters for the correct size for you sauna.

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Sauna Safety Sign Set

Sauna Safety Sign Set

Sauna Safety Sign Set: "Reduce Risk of Fire" and "Overheating". Proper safety signage helps educate all sauna users of safe sauna practices and...

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Sauna Humidifier and Aromatic Dispenser

Sauna Humidifier and Aromatic Dispenser

Sauna Humidifier and Aromatic Dispenser. Automatic aroma drip system for Sauna heater. Your key to the world of fragrance. This scent bowl is distilled from high-quality...

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