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Sauna InformationThere is much free Sauna Information available on the internet today. The key to a well constructed sauna is studying a lot of sauna information and using proper materials designed for building a custom sauna. Browse at your leisure: Sauna Information, Sauna Design & Construction Tips, Sauna Layout Drawings, Pricelists & More

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There is a lot of sauna information available as the popularity of traditional steam saunas is growing. Saunas in various forms have been enjoyed for many hundreds of years by cultures around the world. Daily sauna sessions are good for maintaining health and calming the mind as well. Saunas are effective by cleansing our bodies of modern day toxin exposure and releasing stress of busy living.

Sauna Information -- Design and UseThe Finnish sauna has been popular for at least 2,000 years. While it was not the original hot air or sweat bath, it has evolved into a unique activity which should have widespread application in wellness, recreation, relaxation and sports. The modern Finnish sauna design generally includes hot room, wash room and dressing room.

In Finland, the sauna has been used as a place to warm up, restore the body and soul, perform household chores, do exercise or health related activities and as a maternity clinic. The outdoor chalet style of sauna often had large enough dressing and cooling off rooms to be used for guest housing.

Finland is a rugged country with an abundance of forests, lakes and varied terrain. Early life was hard and the work was intensely physical. The Finnish sauna design likely evolved as a means to recover, prevent injury and insure that workers were ready for the physical challenges of the next day. While sweat baths are not unique to Finland, the sauna is a unique adaptation of the sweat bath. Sauna is a Finnish term which represents a Finnish invention.

The first known saunas in the U.S. were built by Finnish and Swedish immigrants in the Delaware River Valley 1638. The spot were the first sauna was located is marked in the center of the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Bath houses were also common in the early settlements.

Sauna information excerpt from research and writing By Craig Schowalter of Business Plans Etc.