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Commercial Sauna

The Commercial Sauna is designed for constant daily use and can be found in Hotels, Gyms, Ski Resorts, Apartment Buildings, Military Bases and more. Many commercial saunas are large rooms with plenty of seating area around 3 walls and a large floor standing sauna heater in the center.

The industrial strength design of commercial saunas usually incorporates thicker walls with more insulation and stronger benches with more supports to floor. The large sauna heater has many rocks to gently transfer heat to the sauna room.

More sauna maintenance is required with daily use commercial saunas. If benches and walls are not scrubbed weekly with a suitable cleaner, bacteria can darken the wood and destroy wood fibers over time. Sauna rocks in heater should be taken out and reset at least once every 3 months, restoring proper airflow through heater to get the most life out of the heating elements.

Many commercial saunas have posted rules to follow. All require the use of a towel to absorb excess perspiration and pool or shower water. Some commercial saunas allow the use of tap water on the sauna heater rocks to produce steam, however many do not because of extra maintenance involved in having the heater and sauna components in humid environment.

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