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Sauna Oxygen Ionizer -- Push-button Infrared Sauna Cleaning

We get a lot of questions about the Sauna Oxygen Ionizer and how to use it. The oxygen ionizer main function is to purify the air and kill odor causing bacteria. Inside a sauna, keeping the air fresh is critical because of the heat and perspiration. Without purifying the air inside the sauna after usage, the sauna can get stuffy and smells bad.

The ioinzer has two settings; O3 and Ions. O3 generate ozone to kill bacteria and purify the air inside the sauna. Ozone cannot sustain its form in normal envoirment and will break a few seconds after it generates. Ions option will allow the ionizer to capture bacteria and impurities inside the Ionizer.

Even though O3 can purify the sauna air by itself, but in high concentration is can be harmful to humans as well. The ionizer in the sauna is not large enough to generate high concentration of O3 and it will automatically switch to Ion after 15 minutes of use. Because of this, we recommend using the oxygen ionizer as the following.

When you start to pre-heat the sauna, turn the ionizer on and set it to O3. In 15 minutes the ionizer will switch automatically to Ion, wait a few minutes and start using the sauna. Keep the ionizer in Ion while using the sauna. When you finish your sauna session, turn the ionizer to O3 again and let it work for 15 minutes. Finally turn the ionizer off.

Remember, keeping your sauna clean is important and the oxygen ionizer will help purify and clean the air in the sauna. If the sauna gets stuffy, open the roof vent or the door.