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Sauna Components

Custom Sauna in Aspen / Basswood, or choose Western Red CedarSauna Room Components Choices and options for Liner Kits, as listed on Sauna Kit Pricing Quotes

This page provides an overview of Sauna Components for Commercial and Residential traditional saunas. All Sauna Components shown here are custom fit to your pre-framed and insulated sauna room for indoor custom saunas and outdoor sauna buildings.

PRINT OUR CONVENIENT MENU 'Custom Sauna Planner' FOR SAUNA COMPONENTS CHOICES LISTED BELOW, then fax or email the Custom Sauna Planner to us for a quotation emailed to you.

Click on photos to see more details about each Sauna Room Component.

Sauna Design Components Tongue & Groove Paneling: boards for walls & ceiling are cut to fit rough opening of your custom sauna room. Superior Sauna woods are kiln dried to 6-8% moisture to lock and stabilize wood fibers, greatly reducing board shinkage/warpage and cracking after installation. Best to install with Stainless Steel Nails in air powered brad nailer gun, for speed and accuracy. Read about Aspen and Cedar woods: Sauna Woods Health & Ecology Information opens PDF document in new window

  • White Aspen: clear (no knots), non-allergenic, matches Basswood Benches, 3/4" thick
  • Western Red Cedar: clear (no knots), classic aromatic scent, available in 1/2" or 11/16" thick
  • White Cedar: rustic knotty look, 3/4" thick

Sauna Design Components Interior Trim Package: for a finished look to a custom sauna, includes 3/4" cove molding trim for wall corners / ceiling, beveled door casing / window trim and 3/4" x 3-1/2" baseboard trim. Choice of Basswood to match Aspen walls or Cedar to match Western Red Cedar walls.

Sauna Design Components Sauna Heater: For Traditional Finnish sauna experience, pour water on rocks for steam, or just use dry heat if preferred. Choose convenient electric, traditional wood burning stoves or natural gas/propane stoves to fit any size custom sauna room.

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Sauna Design Components Heater Guard: Protects people from accidentally bumping into hot stove. Choice of white Basswood or Cedar. Commercial quality heavy duty triple support design with leg and rubber foot pad. 2-sided for corner mounted heaters or 3-sided for center of wall mounted heaters.


Sauna Design Components Sauna Lighting: options for your custom sauna room, choice of halogen recessed lighting with LED color therapy bulbs or standard incandescent fixtures.

  • Spectra Lighting Kit: 8 recessed fixtures, works with SaunaLogic heater controls and contactor box
  • Spectra Lighting Kit (complete): 8 recessed fixtures, power supply box and wood trimmed touch pad control
  • Wall Light: aluminum fixture with vapor proof glass shade
  • Ceiling Light: aluminum fixture with vapor proof glass shade
  • Light Shades: wooden diffused lighting for relaxed atmosphere

Sauna Design Components Benches: Commercial quality and lasting comfort for your custom sauna. Wall mounted benches with rails and pillar supports. Portable benches work well for additional guest seating.

  • Basswood Benches match white Aspen walls, clear wood (no knots) with hidden fasteners
  • Red Cedar Benches match Red Cedar walls, clear wood (no knots) with hidden fasteners
  • Bench Skirting is an option, as shown in Basswood bench picture
  • See Bench Video with features and installation

Sauna Design Components Bench Skirting or Valance: is a popular finishing option for residential and commercial Custom Saunas. Bench Skirting is available in Western Red Cedar or white Basswood to match bench top material.

  • Bench Skirting (or Valance) gives and elegant finished look to your custom sauna
  • Most bench designs allow the skirting to be removeable, just slide out for cleaning sauna
  • Bench Skirting reduces visible floor square footage, so it is a good cost alternative to using snap together Ipe wood floor tiles to cover entire floor

Sauna Design Components Paraffin Oil Kit: protects sauna woods by providing a natural surface barrier and not allowing excess moisture / perspiration to soak into woods. For best results, use on new sauna room walls and benches. Three 1 Liter bottles in kit.

Sauna Design Components Backrests: Standard 3-bar or Deluxe style, helps keep walls clean and provides airflow between you and the wall. Choice of Basswood to match white Aspen walls or Cedar to match Western Red Cedar walls. Portable headrests and pillows are great for comfort when laying down.

Sauna Design Components Sauna Doors: Choice of standard 'All Glass' panel doors or custom made doors to fit any size rough opening for your custom sauna room. Sizes from 20" to 36" wide.

  • Choice of wood, Aspen or Cedar 
  • Sauna Doors Photo Gallery
  • 'All Glass' Panel Doors, pre-hung in jamb with all hardware, choice of clear glass or bronze tinted
  • Custom 'Full Glass' Doors, choice of wood types, insulated glass unit
  • Custom '1/2 Glass' Doors, choice of wood types, insulated glass unit
  • Custom 'All Wood' Doors, choice of wood types, insulated core
  • See All Other Door Choices here

Sauna Design Components Sauna Windows: Double paned insulated glass units framed with Cedar wood, available in several sizes. Sauna windows allow a view of scenery and ambient light to enter the sauna.


Sauna Design Components Sauna Flooring Tiles: Easy snap together wooden tiles with plastic base are removable for thorough cleaning of sauna. Base allows drainage of excess water or evaporation. Comfortable natural walking surface in smooth sanded finish. Ipe (pronounced e-pay) hardwood tiles are 1 foot (12") square, excellent durabilty for the busiest of commercial saunas. The Western Red Cedar tiles have actual coverage size of 11-3/8" x 11-3/8" and work well for residential saunas. We recommend at least enough tiles to cover walking area in sauna room. The Perfect Custom Sauna Walkway!

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Sauna Design Components Foil Vapor Barrier: special made for sauna construction, aluminum foil w/craft paper backing provides effective vapor seal to block moisture from getting into sauna walls. Staple to framed and insulated wall before T&G paneling goes up. Cover walls and ceiling of sauna room and for best results, use high-heat aluminum foil tape on seams.

Sauna Design Components Vents: Sauna rooms need ventilation for comfortable breathing and maintaining healthy sauna woods. There should be a lower intake vent near sauna heater and an outlet vent on opposite wall about 1/3 height up from floor. In some custom sauna designs, a 1/2" gap under the door will work for fresh air inlet. Proper venting also allows just enough air movement to help evaporate moisture during cool down.

Sauna Design Components Stainless Steel Nails: for easily installing T&G paneling with a nail gun. Other kinds of nails will corrode and leave streaks on sauna wood. All nails are 2" length in bonded sticks for pnuematic nail gun use.

  • 18 Gauge, 2" straight nails
  • 16 Gauge, 2" straight nails
  • 15 Gauge, 2" angled nails, 34°

Sauna Design Components Sauna Accessories: increase enjoyment with quality amenities designed for traditional steam sauna. Many accessories are available in at least 2 wood choices to match your sauna room.

  • Buckets / Ladles
  • Thermometers / Hygrometers
  • Sand Timers
  • Eucalyptus Oil & Soap
  • Moisture-proof Sauna Speakers
  • Sauna Cleaner

Sauna Design Components Outdoor Sauna Options: build your own shell and install Liner Kit or purchase New Englander complete kit.

  • Install a Sauna Liner Kit (includes above components) to fit your pre-framed custom sauna room. See Pre-framed Room Design drawing for details.
  • Complete New Englander Outdoor Sauna Building Kit: all parts to build shell, furnish inside and finish outside
  • Full Log Outdoor Sauna Kits: easily assemble milled log shell and add necessary components to complete building.

Sauna Design Components Other Sauna Options: save building time with a Pre-fab Sauna Kit or consider a Hot Yoga Sauna for your custom sauna build.

  • Pre-Fab Traditional Sauna Kits: available in several wood types, can be disassembled and relocated when you move. 
  • Hot Yoga Sauna: a special design allows a traditional custom sauna to transform from multi-tier benches into 1 large platform for Yoga posing. In a comfortable room heated to around 110°F you can combine the benefits of heat therapy and Yoga posing.  

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With proper design and the right Sauna Components, a Custom Sauna will last many years for family and friends to enjoy.