Scandia Gas Heater 240-FC, horizontal venting through wall

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Thick wall venting extension

Peizo Ignitor (battery powered)

Scandia Gas Heater 240-FC, horizontal venting through wall. Includes controls, rocks and Flue Cap for horizontal venting through exterior side wall. ELECTRICITY NOT REQUIRED FOR OPERATION as pilot light runs while on standby. For sauna room size up to 630 cu. ft. (approx. 8' x 11' x 7'). Scandia Ultra Gas sauna heaters run on Propane or Natural Gas, specify which type when ordering. Great for commercial sauna use, gas heaters generate a quality of heat that cannot be achieved by an electric heater. Please fill out Gas Sauna Heater Order Checklist and fax or email to us at time of ordering. Note: Flat rate or free shipping to U.S Islands reachable only by ferry will require an additional shipping charge. Please call to order.

Optional battery powered peizo ignitor saves on gas use while heater is on standby, as the pilot light is not always running. With this option, each use of the gas heater re-opens gas valve and electronically ignites (similar to modern gas heating furnaces).

Product Features
• All Stainless Steel made heater and internal wall flashing panel
• Heat output is 40,000 BTU's
• Includes 75 lbs. of beautiful river rocks and features large rock tray
• Wall mounted control panel with 60 minute timer and thermostat
• Heater shell size: 18" dia. x 28" h
• Complete plenum and chimney with cap for side wall venting
• Thru wall assembly for intake and exhaust venting is 22 ga. galv. steel

Ultra-Sauna gas heaters come complete with a back-panel assembly, stainless steel internal wall flashing and a flu-cap or draft hood (for direct or vertical venting). The ultra-sauna comes standard with a 60 minute timer and a mechanical thermostat. A 24 hour timer and peizo ignition system is optional. 

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