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Norsk Sauna Wood Treatment


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Norsk Sauna Wood Treatment. Keep your sauna looking fresh and new with wood care products straight from Norway. A complete wood care kit including, wood wash, wood soap, specially designed application brush and rubber gloves for protection. Your sauna works hard to keep you healthy, return the favor by keeping your sauna looking like new.

• Whitewash Natural and Timberwhite is always used in a combination. They can be used with new woodwork to keep it light and natural and also on old woodwork to make it light. This products can be after-treated with Wood Soap on the walls and ceiling, and oil or Troll Vanish on floors. The products should be mixed 50/50, and applied as fluid. The mixed fluids should be used within an hour. To apply the fluid twice, gives the wood longer life.
• The Wood Soap adds fat and oil to the wood, so that it gets easier to keep it clean, and glow in the woodwork is regained. Wood Soap is primary used for two areas:
  1. Aftercare for Whitewash Natural and Whitewash Natural / Wood Bleach, on walls doors and ceiling.
  2. For daily wash of woodwork, mixed in tepid water.
Wood Soap contains fat and oil, which is what woodwork primary needs to stay good looking. Some detergents and soft soaps are too powerful, and can exsiccate the wood. Be conscious!
• The whitewash brush is specially designed with the user in mind. All hairs are broken and split so that they have the best absorbing power. The "Ergo Flex" brush is in addition given a little bend, so that it well design for difficult areas. This one can also be mounted on a broomstick.
• Whitewash Natural Data Sheet
• Timberwhite Data Sheet
• Wood Soap Data Sheet

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