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Sauna Clean-5 Liters

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'Sauna Clean' cleans all types of sauna woods (cedar, aspen, pine, spruce, etc.) and steam baths. Keep sauna benches and wall paneling fresh. Dilutes with water, so one bottle may last years for residential use or months for commercial use depending on usage requirements. 'Sauna Clean' is an environmentally friendly disinfectant/odor eliminator and cleaner. This product helps keep sauna benches, paneling and duckboard fresh and looking new by neutralizing bacteria which over time will darken wood surfaces if left not cleaned. Great for cleaning any wet areas, including bathrooms, saunas, gymnastic halls, shower rooms, locker rooms and steam baths, etc. See user instructions for full list of uses for this great sauna cleaning product.

One bottle of 'Sauna Clean' will last a year or more for average home sauna. Regular cleaning of sauna is recommended to keep paneling, benches and wood flooring looking new and free from deteriorating bacteria. Cleaning may not help poorly maintained saunas with advanced deterioration. Superior Sauna manufactures all sauna components, available at factory direct prices for sauna restoration.

Dilute 2 capfuls of 'Sauna Clean' to 5 Liters (or 1.32 gallons) of water.

5 Liter container.
Quality product Imported from Finland 

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