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Recessed Sauna Light Kit

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The Recessed Lighting Kit is a complete sauna lighting solution with LED multi-color therapy bulbs and white halogen bulbs. This stand alone Kit has everything you need to light your sauna. Works separately from any brand of sauna heater control panel. Control panel has 3 buttons to control 3 circuits of lights separately. Low voltage power supply control box plugs into a standard 110v outlet and uses about the same wattage for 8 lights as compared to a single 100w light bulb. Kit components can easily be plugged in to test before installing anything, to hold up and get a feel for light placement in ceiling.

The optional Add-on Recessed Light Kit is $130 less with the purchase of a compatible Sauna Heater with SaunaLogic Controls which operates this light kit. Call 1-877-872-2806 for selection of heaters that use SaunaLogic controls. A Saunalogic control is NOT required for this Kit.

Product Features

  • 2 vapor proof interior white halogen light fixtures with gaskets
  • 3 vapor proof interior LED multi-color therapy light fixtures with gaskets
  • 3 exterior white halogen light fixtures for valance lighting over the changing / resting area or changing room in outdoor sauna building. Or you can convert the 3 exterior lights to interior with the 3 pack of Vapor Proof Fixtures for a total of 8 interior lights.
  • Stylish wood trimmed light control panel with 3 buttons
  • Power supply box with quick connect terminals



  • Wiring with connectors for all components. Length of wires is plenty for average home sauna, but can be extended to fit your configuration per notes below. * Wire connectors for white halogen lights and color lights are different and cannot be interchanged.
  • Wire Specifications: 22AWG UL1015/AWM105 Temp Rating -20°C to +105°C Voltage Rating 600 Volts
  • Extending Wiring Harness: The Recessed Light Kit wiring harnesses can be extended to fit your configuration. The halogen white lights are just a simple two conductor, 16awg wire that can be spliced in where ever needed. The color therapy is a little more challenging since it is a 4 conductor "ribbon" cable, here you can splice in standard 4 wire telephone cable. We recommend that any splices to be soldered and sealed with heat shrink tubing. The control module and the button panel must be mounted outside the sauna.

LED Lighting Details

  • Colors displayed are: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise and Violet.
  • Press control button one time, the lights will display each of the 6 colors for approximately 10 seconds at a time and continue to scroll through the color palette until you shut if off.
  • The switch from one color to the next is instant, not fading. To select a specific steady-on color, press the control button repeatedly until you have the color that you wish to display. This color will display until turned off.


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