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Mystifier Steam Room Fragrance Pump System


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Product Description
Mystifier Steam Room Fragrance Pump System. Enjoy the theraputic benefits of vaporized steam room Eucalyptus Oil in residential and commercial steam rooms and steam baths. This system is easy to install by maintenance person and plugs into a standard 110v outlet. System turns on and off with your steam generator via temperature sensor on the steam pipe. System taps into steam pipe and disperses your desired level of fragrance, from a drop per minute to whatever strength of steam room fragrance your clients desire.

Mystifier II or III Checklist

  • Do you need 115v(110v) volt or 230v(240v) volt Mystifier? If you need a 230v(240v), then you will need the Mystifier II. If you need 115(110v) Volt, they may use either the II or the III.
  • Do you have 5 ft. pipe length between the Solenoid and were the steam line leaves the mechanical room?
    1. If yes, you can use either version of the Mystifier.
    2. If no, you can only use the Mystifier II
  • If you are going to use the Mystifier III, we need to know the steam line pipe size for the clamp that attaches the sensor to the pipe. Usually ¾" or ½" Please select from the menu above when ordering. If unsure check with your maintenance staff or suitable professional.
Product Features
• Automatically turns On with steam flow (only while steam room in operation)
• Dail for adjusting dispersion of Eucalyptus Oil, from a drop a minute up to desired level of fragrance typically set at level 2
• Dial for adjusting delay timer from when steam sensor detects flow, typically set at "10%"
• Complete steam room fragrance system includes intake tube setup for 5 Gallon container of Eucalyptus oil.
•This fragrance oil pump system uses 100% natural Eucalyptus Oil with no added fillers or toxic additives.
Additional Information

Average Eucalyptus Oil Usage: since there are so many variables for each installation, it is difficult to say how much Eucalyptus Oil your Steam Room will use. On average, most Health Clubs that have the Mystifier Pump System use a 5 Gallon container every 2-3 months. This fragrance oil pump system uses 100% natural Eucalyptus Oil with no added fillers or toxic additives. Pharmaceutical grade oil is 80 to 85% Cineole (species of Eucalyptus with most healthful benefits) and is designed for use with the Mystifier Programmable Automatic Steam Injection System. Keep your club members healthier and happier by adding steam room Eucalyptus Oil to your facility.

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