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4-5 Person Luxury Infrared Red Cedar

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4-5 Person Luxury Infrared Sauna (Red Cedar woods) feature PureCarbon commercial quality heating panels rated at 100,000 operating hours (up to 10 hours at a time). Entire infrared sauna kit assembles in hours with 'Snap-together' design. As an alternative to Traditional Steam Sauna, the Infrared Sauna (or Infrared Heat Therapy Room) heats you more directly instead of mostly heating the air in the room. The wall panels provide surrounding infrared wave heat, fully controlled by a wall mounted digital touch pad. Because of the lower room temperatures and NO steam, this type of sauna can be better for people with certain respiratory conditions. A licensed electrician should install the proper power plug-in outlet according to installation instructions.

Product Features
• PureCarbon FIR Heating Technology
• Wall-to-Wall Heating System
• 12 Carbon Fiber heaters with a total of 6,696 square inches heating surface area
• Quality clear red cedar woods, no knots
• 24" deep bench
• Oxygen Ionizer for push button automatic sauna cleaning
• 3 Portable ergonomic backrest
• Premium brand AM/FM CD player. Plays MP3 / WMA data CD-R's and includes a remote control. Front ports: Aux-In (1/8" stereo plug for iPod, MP3 player etc.) and USB (for thumb drive MP3 / WMA files)
• Color therapy lights with a remote control, choice of 7 colors on steady or color change mode changes color every 4 seconds
• Dual control panel: exterior and interior digital touch pad that displays actual & set temperature and time remaining. Set temperature to 60-140 Fº or 15-60 Cº degrees and set timer up to 99 minute run time or continuous run mode.
• Interior and Exterior white Lights
• Thick tempered glass door and windows
• Heavy duty door hinges
• Wider and deeper sauna dimension
Warranty Information

Every home infrared sauna we have is tested and inspected by sauna specialists to guarantee best quality. Also, this is the only infrared sauna that offers in-home warranty service for 1 year (residential) or 6 months (for commercial).

Product Specifications
Wood Type: Dimensions: Power Requirements:
Red Cedar
Wood type for infrared sauna kit
  • Width: 78.7" (72.4" interior)
  • Depth: 61.8" (53.1" interior)
  • Height: 75.0"
  • Bench Depth: 24.0"
  • Weight: 590 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 640 lbs
220 - 240 Volts
2,990 Watts
Infrared Saunas use a 240 volt outlet, click for details

Carbon commercial grade heaters can operate up to ten hours continuously and have a lifetime expectancy of 100,000 hours.
Feet therapy & Leg Heaters
Allows your feet and legs to feel what the rest of your body feels.
Hot Air Circulation
Unique heater frame keeps hot air in the room and does not get trapped between the heaters and the sauna walls. This technology will get the sauna hot faster & reduce the power usage.
Wall-to-Wall Heating System
The wall-to-wall heating system ensures a complete enveloping heat with no cold spots or hot spots. More square inches of heater coverage than any infrared sauna in the market.
Wider and Deeper Bench
Crystal Saunas benches are deeper and wider for maximum comfort and relaxation.
Portable Ergonomic Backrest
Wooden Backrest design maintains the back's natural curve and promotes neutral posture while seated for a long period. Designed with solid wood for shape retention and firm support.
7 Color Therapy Lights with a Remote Control
Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, is the use of color and light to gently bring about homeostasis. Color and light is applied to specific areas and accupoints on the body.
AM/FM CD Player with USB and iPod/MP3 input
Relax to your favorite music with our premium AM/FM CD Player with USB. The CD player is installed inside the sauna for easy access and includes a remote control for convenience.
Oxygen Ionizer
Releases ions to purify the air and kill odor causing bacteria. The oxygen ionizer will keep the air in the sauna fresh and clean. read how to use...
Thick Tempered Glass Door & Windows
Tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than standard glass and breaks into small pebbles if broken. Tempered glass is put through a process making it harder than normal glass.

Health Benefits of Sauna:

Detoxification, Weight Loss, Pain & Arthritis Relief, Skin Purification, Cardiovascular Workout, Lower Blood Pressure & Improved Circulation