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ADK Auto Drain Kit

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Product Description
ADK Automatic Drain Kit for Amerec Steam Generators

The ADK Auto Drain Kit option drains the Amerec Steam Generator tank following each steam bath and flushes water through the tank to reduce sediment build up and provide longer element life. The tank remains empty until the next steam bath, when the tank is refilled with water for a fresher steam bath experience.

Basic Operation: When the Steam Generator is not used for about 17 minutes, at which point the water has cooled off some, the unit calls for cold water input just before the motorized drain valve opens to drain the tank. Water continues to flow through the steam generator for a short time flushing out loose sediment and debris. Water input stops then drain valve closes to keep an empty tank until the next use of the Steam Bath.

Amerec steam generators come with a standard manual drain valve which requires regular maintenance at least a few times a week to drain sediment and to prevent excessive build-up of minerals from water supply.

  • Model: AMEREC_ADK