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Ozone Generator 400

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Ozone Generator 400, automatic sauna or steam room sterilization. For Sauna and Steam rooms up to 8' x 8' x 7'. The Ozone Generator 400 is a must have for commercial saunas and steam rooms as it reduces cleaning labor costs tremendously and keeps the sauna fresh and natural at the touch of a button. Simply set timer for 30 minutes during sauna down time, typically before or after operating hours.The system is environmentally friendly and reduces the use of costly and unhealthy chemicals dedicated to cleaning saunas and steam rooms.

Ozone is the safest and most powerful oxidant known today. It performs 3,000 times faster than chlorine as a bactericide and 5 times faster than ultra-violet ray for air and water treatment. Ozone as an oxidant decomposes contaminants or chemically alters them so that they can be harmless to humans.

Designed specifically to remedy the on going sanitary concerns of the commercial sauna and steam room, using the principals of corona discharge The Power-Zone 400 is the industry's first sauna and steam automatic sanitization system. Mold, mildew, bacteria and that ubiquitous musty smell are a thing of the past. Chlorine, chemicals and scrubbing are also eliminated with the Power-Zone 400.

PowerZone 400 Install Guide

Easy setup: Just mount gererator unit to exterior wall of sauna, then insert hose from sauna interior through drilled hole in wall and plug hose into unit. Plugs into standard 120v outlet. Adjustable 30 min. countdown timer.

NOTE: For safety, the Ozone Generator is to be operated at the end of the day when sauna is unoccupied for a few hours. Generated Ozone will rapidly destroy microorganisms and stabilize in the process, leaving the sauna refreshed for next use.

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