Custom Aspen or Red Cedar Door

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Custom All Wood Sauna Door,  Aspen or Red Cedar, pre-hung option.

See standard sizes, or order to fit an existing rough opening. Insulated core with choice of white Aspen or Red Cedar T&G paneling on both sides of door. Optional pre-hung with all hardware (hinges, latch and wood handles). Superior Sauna doors are made with quality furniture grade woods. Your choice of Tongue & Groove Aspen or Cedar to match your sauna interior. These doors are also great for wine cellars and cigar storage rooms.

  • Insulated core door with sauna foil vapor barrier inside
  • Optional window shapes below.
  • All Superior Sauna premium woods are dried to 6% to 8% moisture a furniture grade material. 
  • Match your sauna with white Aspen or Cedar T&G paneling on both sides of door, 2-1/4" to 2-1/8" total thickness 
  • Includes wood handles
  • optional to order pre-hung in jamb with 3 stainless steel spring hinges and ball latch. Heavy duty 4 1/2" self-closing hinges save energy by automatically closing door behind you.
  • Sauna Door Installation Guide

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Aspen Or White Cedar T&G Paneled Sauna Door Pricing
(Clear Red Cedar paneled doors are 10% higher)

Door Size

Rough Opening

Door Only*

Pre-hung Door**

Sauna Oil
(protects wood)***





+ $170





+ $180





+ $190

* full glass door with wood handles.
** door with handles, pre-hung jamb, stainless steel adjustable spring hinges and ball latch. 

*** Hand rubbed Paraffin Oil coating is an odorless non-toxic special oil that helps keep sauna woods clean.
It protects by making a natural barrier to keep moisture and perspiration from soaking into fibers. 

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Optional window

Window Options
<<< Add regular window
Add small window: diagonal, octogon and other shapes available >>> 

Optional window     Optional window

Custom Sauna Doors are great for new sauna construction or renovation jobs

Window Options Pricing

Several Full Glass models available (see in Sauna Doors category)

Window Size

For Door Sizes

Added Cost


24" wide and up

+ $145


28" wide and up

+ $175


28" wide and up

+ $195

Sauna Door Swing: Your choice of Left or Right hinged, specify when ordering.

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When calling to order a sauna door, please have the following information:

  1. Door swing as you pull door to enter (hinges on left or right)
  2. Thickness of finished wall that door frame will mount into (standard jamb depth is 4 7/8", custom available)

The doors as shown here are made with all natural wood products for a healthy sauna experience. 

Cedar paneled door

cedar paneled door

For any custom door sizes, call for quote and have your EXACT rough opening size ready if framing is already built

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 D.I.Y.  Build your own doors or windows using our INSULATED GLASS UNITS: Made with tempered glass, double paned insulated and sealed, 7/8" thick. Best Value on the Market.  Click here to order Insulated Glass Units.

Insulated Glass Units, make your own sauna windows and doors and insert these units.

ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT SAUNA DESIGN OR MATERIALS, call 1-877-872-2806 for free consulting.

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