Finnish Sauna Heater Rocks (25lbs / 11.5kg)


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Finnish Sauna Heater Rocks (25lbs / 11.5kg). These sauna rocks can be used in most brands of electric, gas or wood burning sauna heaters. Proper size and type of rocks should be used to comply with heater warranty and avoid electric element damage. This amount of rocks is also great for heater brands that do not include rocks. Igneous sauna rocks are proper density to evenly hold and release heat as well as provide a large surface area to generate steam. Finnish sauna rocks are safe, oderless and resistant to cracking and splitting. Rocks are chipped to proper size to fit between electric elements.

Product Features
Read about tips on Sauna Heater Maintenance
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For replacement rocks capacity for many heaters, see the Heater Rock Weight Chart
Includes ample supply of premium sauna rocks
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