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Temperature Sensor for SaunaLogic Heater Control System


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Thermostat Sensor for the SaunaLogic control system includes the wall mounted circuit board and the snap-on plastic cover. for the NEW STYLE.

Cable connects with plug into circuit board. Order the low voltage 3 conductor temperature sensor Cable separately. It is important to note which style of sensor you require. The key difference between the old and new version is, looking at the side featured in the above picture, the lack of three prong male plug end on the old style. The old version of the sensor will simply have 4 solder points in lieu of the three prong plug.

The SaunaLogic control system is used only on some of the Saunatec heaters, like the Finnleo and Helo brands of Junior and Viki models.

Plug in Style Sensor

Technical Info: catalog number 449301-168

  • Model: 9301-168