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Sauna Heater Element for HMR/HNVR80, SKSM/Designer 80, SEPC65


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Sauna heater element for Finnleo, Helo, Polar, Amerec and McCoy electric sauna heaters. 2,670 watt elements used in 240 and 208 volt heaters. See image above for sizing information. Usually ships within 24 hours.

Fits following heaters:

  • TYP numbers 1712-XX-XX
  • HMR 80
  • HNVR 80
  • Designer 80 series (S / B / BE or Digital)
  • LNVR 80
  • LATTU 80
  • SKSM 80
  • SKSL 80
  • FUH 80
  • FLH 80
  • MISTY 80
  • STEAMY 80
  • may fit other brands/models, call for more info

Compare size and shape of sauna heater element to product image as a reference before ordering heater elements. It is also helpful to search on worn element for stamped ID numbers (see details below).

Technical Info: SEPC 65, 2670 watts, 240v or 208v

Sauna Heater elements usually have stamped ID numbers

Call our sauna heater technician if you need assistance with ordering correct part or troubleshooting at 1-877-872-2806. We will make sure you get the right part for your model sauna heater, as there are no returns on sauna heater parts.

  • Model: SEPC-65