Peizo Ignitor Kit for Gas Sauna Stoves, retrofit, SAVES GAS


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Peizo Ignitor Kit for retrofitting to an existing Gas Heater installation. SAVES GAS by turning on gas valve and igniting only when stove is used (similar to modern home gas furnace), no pilot light constantly running. Peizo Ignitor Kit fits all 240,000 and 280,000 BTU (240 / 245 / 280 / 285) models of Vico / Scandia Gas Sauna Stoves. 'Larger image / gallery' shows typical installation in existing Scandia / Vico gas sauna heater.
  • New electronic controlled gas valve
  • New pilot ignitor assembly
  • Circuit board (secures inside back panel assembly)
  • Battery pack (uses 2 D size batteries)
  • Wiring harness

Peizo Ignitor install guide


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