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Commercial Heavy Duty Sauna Heater Guard

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Commercial Heavy Duty Sauna Heater Guard. Sauna heater guard designed for any size electric sauna heater. Commercial strength guard features triple boards with rounded edges and leg supports with rubber feet. Protects sauna users, when someone falls against guard instead of hot heater. Choice of clear material (no knots) white Basswood or Cedar wood. Basswood matches Aspen wall paneling, appears identical. Corner mounted heater guard is 2 sided, specify LEFT or RIGHT corner from looking at front of heater. Wall mounted heaters away from wall corner require the 3 sided heater guard. Heater Guard is assembled and shipped with install instructions and mounting fasteners.

Product Features
To order Heater Guard for Gas Heater or Sauna Wood Stove, call 877-872-2806 with make, model and size of sauna stove.
Width - from outside edge to sidewall (for "wall mounted" just enter the width of the heater shroud)
Depth - from front of heater to back wall

  • Model: ITEM_348.4