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Wall Mounted Basswood Benches

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Sauna enthusiasts love our wall mounted stout benches, the strongest on the market. Our bench edges are fully rounded for maximum comfort. We select our bench boards specifically to be free of hot spots like knots or exposed fasteners, and are made with clear basswood for strength, a full 1 3/4" thick x 5 1/2" wide, and a clean look. Basswood benches stay lighter longer compared to cedar and are cool to the touch throughout the sauna temperature range.

We recommend the Paraffin Oil Treatment for daily used home saunas and high maintenance commercial saunas, as the oil treatment safely blocks perspiration from soaking into wood fibers. In most cases, wall-mounted benches are easily removed for sauna cleaning as only the rails are fastened to the wall. Chemical free and for clean up in any sauna, the best method to keep benches looking new and fresh is a bucket of water and a quick brushing where seated frequently after sauna or use Sauna Clean concentrated cleaner.

Customize the perfect bench layout for your sauna, with our Custom Sauna Planner form. D.I.Y. Bench Kits are 10% off retail. Ask about our additional 5% dealer or contractor discount. D.I.Y. Sale Details: You receive all bench pieces, fastener screws and even a Torx bit to easily assemble benches yourself in minutes.

Simply mount rails to sidewalls and set bench in place. Multi-tier optional, specify preferred layout on Custom Sauna Planner form. A typical sauna layout would have 2 tiers of benches. For custom sizes or floor standing benches Contact Us for quote. Bench layouts over 8' require pillar supports. Also see our Portable Sauna Benches.

Also available in western red cedar. Any questions on sauna design or materials, such as bench layout options, call 1-877-872-2806 for free consulting.

Bench Depth Price per Linear Foot (2' minimum) Paraffin Oil Treatment
12" $50 assembled / $45.00 D.I.Y. Sale $15 per linear foot
18" $55 assembled / $49.50 D.I.Y. Sale $18 per linear foot
24" $60 assembled / $54.00 D.I.Y. Sale $20 per linear foot
30" $65 assembled / $58.50 D.I.Y. Sale $23 per linear foot
36" $70 assembled / $63.00 D.I.Y. Sale $25 per linear foot


Bench Skirting

Sauna bench skirting is an option for any Basswood or Red Cedar wall mounted benches. Skirts are the vertical portion between the upper and lower benches, which give a more finished look....[more]

Standard Backrest

With smooth, rounded edges this backrest makes for a comfortable, relaxing sauna experience. It also allows airflow and helps keep walls clean. Made with clear Basswood on.....[more]

Deluxe Backrest

Deluxe Curved Basswood Backrest, 16" tall, any length. This sauna backrest features a back supporting contour for relaxing comfort. It also allows airflow and helps keep sauna walls....[more]

Portable Backrest

Portable Headrest/Backrest, Basswood with smooth rounded edges. The smooth, rounded corners on this headrest / backrest make for a comfortable, relaxing sauna experience....[more]

Replacement sauna benches in Red Cedar or Basswood

When just replacing your sauna benches and keeping existing wall paneling, we include free-standing supports with rubber feet that secure to the walls. Replacement benches are not only for saunas, our stout benches are perfect in almost any commercial application. Restaurants, day spas, waiting areas, the possible uses are endless.

Free Sample Pack

Do you dream of having your own sauna? Start by ordering one of our free samples packs. See the quality of Superior Sauna components before purchasing your sauna kit. Includes samples of home sauna and commercial sauna room building materials. These are all of the sauna liner materials that fit your pre-framed sauna room indoors or in outdoor building. Our sauna woods start from logs and lumber dried to our specifications. Before making a major purchase for the sauna of your dreams, get our sample pack and see Superior Sauna's quality. Bench, backrest and trim materials have matching 3/4 round radius edges....[more]

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