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Wall Mounted Cedar Benches

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Bench Skirting

Hand Rubbed Paraffin Oil Coating

Wall Mounted Sauna Benches, Red Cedar, comfortable rounded edges

Bench Sale: D.I.Y. Bench Kits are 10% off retail--- Ask about our add'l 5% Dealer & Contractordiscount

Sauna enthusiastslove our 'Stout Benches', which are the strongest design on the market. For maximum comfort,edges are fully rounded and benchboardsare free ofhot spots like knotsand exposedfasteners. Benches are made with clearWestern Red Cedar(no knots) fortraditional steam sauna. This bench material stayscool to the touch throughout the sauna temperature range.

We recommend the Paraffin Oil Treatment fordaily usedhome saunas andhigh maintenance commercial saunas, as the oil treatment safely blocks perspiration from soaking into wood fibers.

Customize the perfect bench layout for your sauna, with our Custom Sauna Planner form.


Price per Linear Foot (2' minimum)
$ retail assembled / $ Do-It-Yourself assembly

Paraffin Oil Treatment
$ per linear foot


$50 assembled / $45.50 D.I.Y. Sale



$55 assembled / $50.00 D.I.Y. Sale



$60 assembled / $54.50 D.I.Y. Sale



$65 assembled / $59.00 D.I.Y. Sale



$70 assembled / $63.50 D.I.Y. Sale


D.I.Y. Sale Details: You receive allbench pieces, fastener screwsand even a Torx bit to easily assemble benches yourself in minutes.

These sauna benches are madeof clear Cedar, a full 1 1/2" thick x 5 1/2" wide.In most cases, wall-mounted benches are easily removed for sauna cleaning as only the rails are fastened to the wall. Chemical free and for clean up in any sauna, the best method to keep benches looking new and fresh is a bucket of water and a quick brushing where seated frequently after sauna or use Sauna Clean concentratedcleaner.

Superior Sauna Design Key Features

Simply mount rails to sidewalls and set bench in place. Multi-tier optional, specify preferred layout on Custom Sauna Planner form. A typical sauna layout would have 2 tiers of benches. For custom sizes or floor standing benches Contact Us for quote. Bench layouts over 8' require pillar supports. Also see our Portable Sauna Benches.


Sauna bench Assembly Instructions

Sauna Bench Supports Installation


ANY QUESTIONS ON SAUNA DESIGN OR MATERIALS, such as bench layout options, call 1-877-872-2806 for free consulting.

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