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Adjustable Leveling Feet for Sauna Benches


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Adjustable Leveling Feet for Sauna Benches, set of 4 w/ T nuts. These adjustable leveling feet make excellent feet for any sauna bench supports. The purpose is to level a set of sauna bench supports to allow for a pitched or uneven floor. Also, in case of water bucket spilled on floor, the wood grain is away from floor surface and won't wick up water and leave stains on bench supports.

Easy installation: Determine where leveling adjusters will fit into bench support system. Allow 5/8" height for plastic foot, so trim supports accordingly. Drill into bottom surface with a 11/32" drill bit to a depth of 1-5/8". Using a hammer, lightly tap T Nut into hole until gripping spikes bottom out. Screw the plastic leveling foot into the T nut and it is ready to use.

Size: 1-1/4" dia. foot x 2" tall, provides for about 1" of total height adjustment.

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  • Model: ITEM_300