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Custom Sauna Backrest with handicap accessible grab bar

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For Custom Saunas designed with Handicap Access in mind. Heavy Duty 2x4" construction Backrest with grab bar function on top of backrest. Choice of Basswood or Red Cedar to match benches & sauna room woods. Custom made with high quality clear (no knots) select white Basswood or Red Cedar wood and corrosion resistant fasteners.

  • Heavy Duty Backrest made with 2x4" contoured planks with 1/4 round face edges to match other sauna components
  • Extra supports included for securely fastening heavy duty backrest to framing inside wall
  • Call to Order any custom size

For any custom size sauna Handicap Accessible configuration, email or fax your design ideas for review, then Contact Us for quote.

ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT SAUNA DESIGN OR MATERIALS, call 1-877-872-2806 for free consulting. Also see our elegant wall mounted Stout Benches.

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