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Aluminum Foil Vapor Barrier


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High Temp. Aluminum Foil Tape

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Aluminum Foil Sauna Vapor Barrier, 36" wide roll, tape optional. 250' roll will cover 250 square feet, 500' roll will cover 500 square feet. Aluminum Foil Sauna Vapor Barrier is one of the necessary components for traditional sauna room construction. Foil vapor barrier will protect the building structure by blocking moisture from getting inside walls. USED BY SAUNA MANUFACTURERS. Optional high temp. foil tape is recommended for best results. Staple foil vapor barrier behind T&G sauna wood paneling on walls and ceiling. It also adds 1R insulation efficiency by reflecting radiant heat back into sauna room. Sauna Foil Vapor Barrier is also commonly used in walls near tub/shower for bath room remodeling.
This is the proper sauna foil vapor barrier made for new construction or remodeled saunas. Special foil sauna vapor barrier outlasts plastic vapor barriers which will deteriorate from heat and release gases (and no longer protect walls from moisture). Gain 1R of insulation and the reflective heat efficiency of alum foil radiating behind the paneling. THE BEST heat reflective vapor barrier made for any heated structure.

Contact us for a FREE sample, mailed to you. Plastic vapor barriers should not be used for sauna construction, as they will deteriorate from 200F + degrees and no longer protect walls from moisture vapor.

Use the Sauna Room Cubic Feet Calculator to help find recommended size sauna heater for your sauna

Product Features
• 36" wide roll of Pure aluminum foil, glue mounted to super strength Kraft paper, for proper moisture and vapor sealing of sauna room.
• Aluminum Foil Sauna Vapor Barrier is part of the DIY Parts Kit
INSTALLATION: Aluminum foil vapor barrier is clean, light, and easy to install by tacking or stapling. Installs behind sauna wood paneling with reflective side facing in towards you (sauna interior). Overlap seams approx 2-3" inches for effective seal. Best results are achieved by sealing joints with the high-temperature Aluminum Foil Tape (other types of tape will deteriorate from heat).
ANY QUESTIONS ON SAUNA DESIGN OR MATERIALS, such as square feet of vapor barrier needed, call 1-877-872-2806 for free consulting.

  • Model: ITEM_301-302