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White Aspen Sauna Wood Paneling: 4", non-allergenic, 3/4" thick

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Use the Sauna Room Cubic Feet Calculator to help find recommended size sauna heater for your saunaWhite Aspen Sauna Wood Paneling: 4", non-allergenic, 3/4" thick. Priced per Square Foot, for easier cost calculation. Simply figure your Square Footage area of the 4 sauna room walls and ceiling, then call us for a shipping quote on just what you need to finish your sauna project or the entire Custom Kit if needed.

4" wide Aspen sauna wood paneling is a great choice for any residential or commercial sauna. Public saunas, health club saunas and hotels can accomodate more sauna guests with this non-allergenic type of Aspen sauna paneling. Certain health conditions can be irritated by the scent of Cedar sauna paneling, so Aspen paneling is an excellent alternative choice. Each tongue & groove paneling board starts out as a 1x5", milled to perfection.

Read about Aspen and Cedar woods: Sauna Woods Health & Ecology Information opens PDF document in new window

  • Aspen sauna wood has a Waterfall groove style T&G milling pattern, seals each board better
  • Non-allergenic to accomodate many more sauna guests
  • Actual board size is 4" wide coverage and 3/4" thick
  • Lengths available up to 8 feet

Best to assemble sauna Aspen wood with stainless steel nails and a nail gun. Stainless Steel Nails are recommended to make sauna paneling installation a breeze. Other types of nails will deteriorate, losing holding power and leave stains or streaks on sauna Aspen wood.

Paneling tips: Aspen T&G sauna boards are most commonly installed vertically for a seamless look and less waste, as most common board length is 8' length. Some people prefer the horizontal look of sauna woods, which usually costs more as there is more waste. For example a 5' wide x 7' high wall paneled vertically would only have about 1' of waste on each board. This wall paneled horizontally would have almost 3' of waste. Most of our paneling woods are available in several lengths for minimal waste on-site installing the sauna kit.

Note: Other Manufacturers may sell this paneling size as a 1x5" (which is starting rough size before finish milling) and priced per linear foot. We offer actual sized paneling, priced per square foot that is much easier to calculate for sauna building.

Non-allergenic Aspen sauna wood is used in hospital saunas in Finland and Europe, so many more people can benefit from steam sauna use for health and recovery.