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16 gauge Stainless Nails-1000 pcs


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1,000 nails, 16 gauge, 2" long, made with 304 Stainless Steel. Stainless steel finishing nails won't deteriorate or leave black streaks on paneling like other nails can. These are the best fasteners for installing sauna paneling. Using an air brad nailer gun makes installation a breeze, for a clean hidden fastener finish. Stainless Steel Nails are not usually found locally, so we order these in Large quantities and pass the savings on to you.

Click HERE for a list of nailguns that will fit these nails.

Nail guns can be rented from many tool rental shops. These nails should fit most nail guns that can use 16 gauge, 2" length, finishing nails in straight (no angle) bonded nail sticks or cartridges. No returns on nails, please be sure the nails will work with equipment before ordering, see Compatibility Guide for nail guns below.

  • 1,000 nails in straight collated nail strips or cartridges for nailing gun
  • 2" long, 16 gauge nails
  • Use for sauna paneling, trim, etc. or other humid environment fastening
  • See Sauna Paneling Installation Diagram
  • decimal equivalent of 16 gauge is .063"

Stainless steel collated sauna paneling nail pack size

Easy nail quantity calculation for your sauna:

  1. Figure how many paneling boards total in sauna: Typically paneling is installed vertically (up to 7' 6" ceiling) to minimize waste. Find average width of paneling boards and divide that into each wall length to find total quantity of boards for each wall and ceiling. For example a 7' (or 84") wall divided by 4" average board width would be 84/4 = 21 approx. boards for that wall. Add totals of four walls and ceiling.
  2. Board quantity multiplied by approx 4 nails per board. Each paneling board is nailed to the header and footer plus 2 horizontal nailer support 2x2's at 1/3 and 2/3 up wall. This should give you a ballpark quantity, usually allow at least 5% more. 
  3. Estimate nail usage for Trim Boards.

  • Model: ITEM_393