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Wholesale Glass Sauna Door, BRONZE tint, 24x72", 4 side Red Ceda

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Features of Glass Panel Sauna Doors
  • 5/16" tempered bronze tinted glass panel
  • Durable laminated cedar wood jamb, 2-1/4 " thick,
    matches red cedar sauna woods
  • Jamb depth is 4-3/4" (order optional jamb extensions
    made of matching wood to fit your finished wall thickness)
  • Jamb size O.D. 27-1/16" x 74-1/2"
  • Recommended rough opening for door 28-1/8 " x 75"
  • Door weight: 85 lbs
  • Sauna Door Installation Guide

All glass sauna doors, great for custom sauna projects

Aspen jamb matches lighter sauna woods. 24" x 72" Sauna Door has clear glass panel and heavy duty 4 sided jamb. Choose left or right door swing direction when installing, by rotating door assembly 180° if needed. Comfortable wood door handles with EZ catch magnetic latch. Heavy duty laminated door jamb is 2-1/4" thick by 4-3/4" deep to prevent warpage, see details in 'larger image / gallery'.

  • Model: ITEM_350.26w