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Deluxe Sand Timer

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Sand Timer, deluxe 15 Minute, on wall mounted rotating bracket. Measure the passing of Sauna Time in 15 minute intervals with this beautiful metal and wood accented sand timer. To reset timer, just rotate hourglass a half of a turn on wall mounted bracket. Real glass timer is spring mounted in extruded aluminum frame with quality wood trim on sides. Sauna sand timers are made for hot and steamy sauna environment, where most other clock/timer types will fail.

• SIZE: 3"w x 10"h
• Easily secures to the wall with two screws in rotating bracket (see photo below).

INSTALLATION TIP: For Commercial Saunas we recommend to secure accessories to the wall using security fasteners for theft prevention. Check with your local hardware store or Fastenal store for security fasteners.

Note: This video shows both the Standard Sand Timer (installation)
and the Deluxe Sand Timer (using rotating bracket)

  • Model: ITEM_106.2