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Sauna Door Vent

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Product Description

Sauna Door Vent and louver, mounts on sauna door. The adjustable sliding Sauna Door Vent is easy to install. Door vents are typically used in saunas where installing wall vents is not an option, like structures with concrete or block walls. Saunas should have 2 vents, one lower vent for fresh air intake and one outlet vent (about 1/3 way up opposite wall), to help maintain a clean sauna and allow comfortable breathing. Vent is made of your choice of white Basswood or Cedar wood to match door paneling.

Product Features
• Cedar wood or Basswood choice
• Adjustable sliding vent door with trim frame
• Aluminum louvre w/screen for exterior of door
• Overall size of sliding door frame: 18"w x 4 3/4"h
1. Hold vent sliding door with frame where it will be installed on door, trace rectangle vent opening onto door with pencil. IMPORTANT: only drill holes or cutout section to fit the actual opening of the vent door with frame, so section of material behind the sliding door will be solid (see picture above for example). In this case, the 4 holes will be covered when sliding door is closed, stopping air flow. Be sure hole placement does not interfere with edge of insulated glass unit (if door has glass panel).
2. Mark evenly spaced where the drilled holes will be, according to the size of hole saw used. Use any hole saw from 1.5" up to 2.5". Three holes are recommended.
3. Use an electric drill and hole saw bit to bore holes, then with sandpaper or file clean up any rough edges.
4. Mount the vent frame and sliding door on interior side of door with Stainless Steel finishing nails.
5. Install louvre on exterior of door over vent holes with Stainless Steel screws. Note: the holes through sauna door should be offset to one side, and louvre should be long enough to install louvre so to be centered with sauna door.

  • Model: ITEM_376