PF67 Nordic Spruce 6 Person

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Heater will be shipped as 240v 1 phase for residential

Accessory Combo Kit

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PF67 Nordic Spruce 6 Person Prefab Sauna Kit, modular panels.  Assemble pre built sauna kit in just hours. Choice of Heaters. Prefab sauna kit modular wall and ceiling panels "snap together" with simple hand tools. Prefab sauna kits can be disassembled and relocated if you decide to move. Optional Polar electric Sauna Heater can be used dry or scoop water on sauna heater rocks for comforting steam like traditional Finnish Sauna. Note: Flat rate shipping to U.S Islands reachable only by ferry will require an additional shipping charge. Please call to order. 

We believe we offer the heaviest, most solid quality prefab sauna on the market. If you have talked to us and still decided to purchase your modular sauna elsewhere, we will give you $50 in free accessories with free shipping to give us a call and briefly answer a few questions on why you decided to purchase a different sauna. Once we have verified your itemized receipt and given us an idea of the weight of the sauna you purchased, we will credit you with $50 to spend on any accessory we offer, no strings attached. Your input is important to us as we strive to deliver the finest sauna experience on the internet.

Prefab Sauna Kits have traditional sauna heater

Pre Built Sauna Kits Feature:

    this complete kit weighs in at 1,345 lbs. with heater and accessories
  • Made with knotty Nordic Spruce T&G wood on inside and outside
  • Many models of Finnish made Sauna Heaters5' 11" x 6' 11" interior space, room for 6 people
  • 6' 7" comfortable interior ceiling height  (6' 10" exterior height)
  • 2 tier wrap around Benches with skirting
  • Suggested Heater 1: Polar brand HMR 6kw electric Sauna Heater with built-in control dials
  • Upgrade Heater 2: Polar HNVR 6kw Heater plus wall mounted Dial Controls
  • Upgrade Heater 3: Polar Digital 6kw heater with D60 digital touch pad controls
  • Call for all Heater choices & prices, at 1-877-872-2806
  • Standard wall light included, other lighting options are: (1) add-on wood shade for diffusing wall light or (2) Recessed Spectra Light Kit with 5 white halogen lights and 3 color therapy, choose 1 of 6 steady on colors 
  • Optional add on speakers, Standard or Deluxe. Standard speakers are recessed wall mounted, Deluxe version attach to wall with bracket. Visit the speaker product page to view details.
  • Glass panel entry door, bronze tinted, tempered glass with weatherstrip seals
  • Small window near door makes sauna feel more spacious
  • Vents built-in for proper air circulation
  • Includes wood flooring platform for walking area
  • Pine Accessory Kit included, 6 pieces (see photo below): 1 gal. Pine Bucket with plastic liner, carved wood Ladle, Stone Thermometer, 15 min. sand timer on Aspen wood, wooden engraved SAUNA sign and bottle of 2 oz. Eucalyptus oil
  • Expanded assembly diagrams included
  • See Prefab Sauna Kit Assembly Guide for more details

Layout Drawing PF67 Pre Built Sauna Room
Sauna Room Floor Plan

Pre Built Sauna Kit Lighting Options

Standard Wall Light

Standard Wall Light
w/ add-on shade

Spectra Light Kit
recessed white halogen
and LED color therapy

Standard Wall Light (included)

Standard Wall Light with add-on shade

Spectra recessed sauna lighting kit

Electric Sauna Heater will require hookup to your power breaker box, recommended to be done by a licensed electrician


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