Sauna Benches made of white Basswood or Red Cedar

Superior Sauna offers multi-tier wall mounted benches or portable benches made to any size.
Clear soft woods
(knot free) are used with hidden fasteners for maximum comfort with no 'hot spots'.
Unique bench design allows most layouts to be removeable for thorough cleaning of sauna.
Bench skirting and backrests are popular options for commercial and residential saunas.

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Aspen sauna room with matching Basswood Sauna Benches, and standard backrest on top tier benches.

Clear Western Red Cedar benches vary in color and look nice with matching Red Cedar walls or as a contrast against white Aspen walls as shown here.

Saunas with approximate 7' 6" ceiling height can have 3 tier benches installed for maximum seating capacity and for 3 levels of heat, so entire family can enjoy sauna.

Example of Western Red Cedar sauna room with contrasting white Basswood benches.

Sauna Bench Skirting (or valance) is a popular option for residential and commercial saunas.

Bench Skirting is available for Western Red Cedar benches or for white Basswood as shown here.

The latest design of Bench Skirting as shown here, has removable sections and seat tops for periodic thorough cleaning of sauna.

Many Superior Sauna benches sit on side wall rails. Longer bench spans require the use of center support pillars.

Benches easily slide out to remove for thorough cleaning of sauna.

Sauna benches or supports that contact the floor have rubber pads with stainless steel screws to protect woods from moisture wicking off of floor.

Basswood benches with rustic White Cedar wall paneling. Standard 3-bar backrest is comfortable, helps to keep wall clean and allows airflow behind you.

Basswood benches in a large commercial club sauna.

Deluxe curved backrest matches white Basswood benches.

Large floor standing sauna heaters are common in commercial facilities or large home saunas. Hardwood Ipe flooring tiles are easy snap-together and easily remove for cleaning.

Basswood benches with 16" x 16" portable Basswood headrest/backrest.

Basswood benches with 16" x 16" portable Red Cedar wood headrest/backrest.

Superior Sauna manufactures many types of portable benches as well, for additional sauna guest seating or for outdoor sauna resting area.

Each Red Cedar portable sauna bench is unique as wood colors vary, our shop will select matching peices with similar shades. This is the latest design of Superior Sauna portable benches.

White Basswood portable sauna bench made to any custom size.

White Basswood portable sauna bench, 18 x 36 x 17"h.

Clear Red Cedar portable sauna bench, 18 x 36".

For unusual bench heights or ease of climbing onto benches, sometimes a step bench is used.

Small residential sauna with 2 tier wall mounted Basswood sauna benches.

Custom Basswood sauna benches made to fit customer specifications for an octagonal residential sauna.

Classic style Ipe wood flooring tiles will last for generations. Decay resistant Ipe hard wood attached to plastic base keeps wood out of any standing water. Ipe tiles come with a lifetime warranty when purchased with a Superior Sauna Kit.

Customer submitted photo of outdoor building sauna room.

Custom 5x11' home sauna with angled transition benches for door opening. Customer submitted photo of indoor custom sauna room.

Custom sauna bench supports are test fitted in the shop before shipping out to customer.

Each sauna is as unique as each sauna enthusiast. Many people request distinct seating patterns for their own home sauna designs.

Test fitting commercial size sauna benches before shipping to facility.

Handrails on sauna benches are useful for protecting people from a sauna corner mounted sauna heater at end of benches.

Red Cedar benches for a military facility sauna.

View from top bench in small 4x6' sauna.

Superior Sauna outdoor log sauna building with custom Basswood benches and 3rd tier perch benches.

Custom Cedar wood benches and rustic white cedar T&G wood attached to log walls.

8x14' Outdoor log sauna palace with custom design 3 tier benches.

Customer submitted photo of outdoor building sauna room.

View from top tier bench in outdoor log sauna building kit that was shipped to Jackson, New Hampshire.

Outdoor saunas can have a vaulted ceiling for more spacious feel.

Changing room bench in an outdoor log sauna building.

Portable sauna benches are a great way to relax and cool down next to your outdoor sauna.

Wall mounted Sauna Bench seat assembly option.

Sauna Bench seat assembly of cut-to-size pieces.

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