Sauna Delivery & Installation Gallery

Saunas delivered throughout the Midwest and East & West coasts.
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Delivery trailer setup to deliver new Sand Island Outdoor model.

Assembled outdoor sauna units are winch loaded onto delivery trailer, Ready to Sauna!

Copper Harbor sauna being loaded on trailer for delivery.

Sauna will be winched up ramps onto trailer after wheels are attached to sauna.

Preparing to load sauna on trailer

Shrink wrapped sauna, ready for long distance delivery to East Coast.

Copper Harbor sauna being delivered to Michigan.

Copper Harbor sauna being unloaded in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Note: Power line coming in under ground in white plastic bag, ready to run up power tube to 100 amp service panel. Sauna is completely wired by Superior Sauna with a licensed electrician. Breakers installed, delivered ready to sauna.

Sauna base should be skirted and insulated in cold climate areas.

Perfect time for a sauna! A satisfied sauna owner emailed photos of the sauna after a New Hampshire snow storm.

Indoor sauna parts ready for shipment to Alaska.

Copper Harbor 5' x 7' x 8' Indoor sauna kit installation.

Installing foil vapor barrier, before paneling goes up.

Copper Harbor sauna loaded for delivery, waiting to attend the 2007 Bayfield Applefest Parade with Miss Wisconsin '06 Meghan Coffey.

Complete indoor sauna kit ready for shipment.

Complete Superior Saunas indoor kits being packaged and loaded for delivery. A complete indoor sauna kit fits on one pallet.

Assembling panel built sauna, showing aluminum foil vapor barrier, Aspen tongue and groove paneling and a couple Ipe wood snap together flooring tiles.

Outdoor paned built sauna assembly, showing half log siding. Customer requested siding to match existing log cabin home.

Panel built outdoor sauna assembly with Cedar lap siding.

Assembled outdoor sauna loaded and ready for delivery. We just roll sauna onto concrete slab, remove wheels, then your electrician hooks up power and you're ready to sauna.

Loading sauna for the Bayfield Applefest Parade 2007 before delivery to customer.

Completed unit loaded and ready for delivery to customer.

This outdoor sauna is being delivered by ferry from Bayfield, WI to Madeline Island.

This model is installed on site, ready for power hookup. For ANY location, woodburning saunas need no electricity.

Outdoor log built sauna DIY assembly, showing very simple stacking of numbered logs to make log shell. The threaded rods securely lock the timbers in together in place. Then simply install door, benches, flooring, roofing and heater.

Almost done stacking logs for log shell. Trim threaded rods on corners and install screws to lock in roof logs.

Assembling outdoor sauna kit. Doorway is roughed in when logs are milled. To install windows, simply make rough opening by cutting through logs with a suitable saw.

Our crew assembling a full log Outdoor Sauna at a dealer location. This model has a bright color stain applied for visibility.

Assembled full log Outdoor Sauna shell. Next step is to pressure wash logs for uniform color then apply stain.

This is a custom designed full log sauna made to customers specs. It is a deluxe unit with changing room and large overhanging roof.

Assembled full log Outdoor Sauna shell being loaded onto trailer for delivery.

Assembled log shell is set at customers site.

Several full log Outdoor Sauna shell kits loaded for delivery.

Adding optional porch to an assembled full log Outdoor Sauna.

Assembled full log Outdoor Sauna ready for trailer loading and delivery to customer. This was a custom design built to customers specs with a small changing room area and a large steam room.

Full log Outdoor Sauna display model setup for photo shoot.

Fully assembled Outdoor Sauna delivery to the U.P. in Michigan.

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