Sauna Interiors and Options

Sauna Room interior wood options are white Aspen, Western Red Cedar or rustic White Cedar.
Sauna Heater options are electric, wood burning or gas sauna stoves in 100+ models.
Many Sauna Lighting and Accessory options.
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5 x 7' indoor sauna with Miss Wisconsin '05 Tracy Gest and State Wrestling Champ Jeremy Kramolis.

White Aspen Sauna Room with matching Basswood benches featuring bench skirting.
Spectra Sauna Lighting Kit
Spectra Sauna Lighting Kit includes 5 interior vapor proof recessed fixtures and 3 exterior fixtures for valance on front of sauna. Interior lights are 2 halogen bulbs and 3 color therapy bulbs with choice of 6 steady on colors or color change mode.

Red Cedar wall mounted benches with deluxe backrest option installed in a white Aspen Sauna room. Bench skirting is optional.

Bench skirting option is great for commercial or residential sauna rooms.

Spectra Sauna Lighting Kit includes 3 exterior fixtures, shown here as valance lighting for the sauna entrance.

Western Red Cedar Sauna Room with optional Basswood benches.

Ipe wood flooring tiles are great for walking area in sauna. Base of tiles easily snap together and can be cut to fit around bench supports, etc.

Western Red Cedar sauna with wood burning stove.

We offer many options for sauna lighting, here is a wall mounted light with 90 corner diffusing shade.

Spectra Lighting Kit: showing 1 of 6 colors in color therapy mode. Choose from steady on colors: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Turquise and Violet

White Aspen sauna room with Spectra Lighting System installed, showing 5 interior vapor proof fixtures.

Finnleo Viki sauna heater includes rocks and wall mounted digital touch pad controls.

SaunaLogic digital touch control pad for selected Finnleo and Polar sauna heaters. Spectra Lighting Add-On Kit plugs into the digital heater contactor box and is controlled by this touch pad.

Large Commercial PRO series sauna heater with stainless steel shroud and heating elements. Holds 140 lbs. of vulcanite sauna rocks for steady heat and lots of steam output. Best for large commercial club/gym saunas and large outdoor residential saunas.

Scandia electric sauna heater and Cedar heavy duty heater guard with rubber foot pad on leg.

Tylo sauna heater has medium sized rock bay and cool touch velvet soft Thermosafe coating.

Wood burning sauna stove in rustic White Cedar sauna room.

Scandia gas heater in commercial size Health Club Sauna.

Sauna interior with white Aspen T&G paneling and matching Basswood benches in 3 tier bench layout. Scandia electric sauna heater is all Stainless Steel, use dry or pour water on rocks for steam.

Spectra Lighting Add-on Kit plugs into Finnleo and Polar digital heaters that use SaunaLogic touch pad control. Or Complete Kit includes control box and 3 button touch pad.

Quality craftsmanship from floor to ceiling, the cornerstone of the 'Superior Sauna Experience'.

Basswood wall mounted Benches and large commercial size PRO series Heater with Cedar wood Guard.

Stout Benches are a full 1 3/4" thick and are available in white Basswood or Red Cedar.

Many sauna bench layouts utilize wall mounted rails so benches are easily removed for thoroughly cleaning sauna.

Western Red Cedar benches and standard backrest.

Deluxe backrest option.

Portable backrest / headrest is available in white Basswood or Cedar wood.

Portable sauna bench steps are great for custom height benches or other application.

Portable Ipe wood sauna bench will outlast any other wood type. Same wood is used in NYC park benches and Atlantic city boardwalk. Portable sauna benches are also available in white Basswood or Red Cedar.

Insulated glass unit in door is double paned and 3/4" thick. The door hardware includes stainless steel hinges (regular or adjustable spring) and ball catch latch.

Custom Outdoor Sauna with 'Full Glass' door and Scandia sauna heater.

Ipe wood tile flooring is available in 2 styles, Classic straight pattern and Diamond shown surrounding heater. Ipe hardwood is from FSC Certified, eco-managed plantation forests for sustainability.

Ipe tiles will far outlast any other sauna flooring on the market. They provide a natural wood surface to walk on yet are protected from standing water by plastic tile base that interlocks with other tiles.

Foil Vapor Barrier is one of the critical sauna components and keeps moisture vapor from seeping into walls. Aluminum foil backed with high strength craft paper easily staples to wall nailers after insulation and wiring is finished.

Adequate ventilation for sauna room protects sauna woods by helping evaporate excess water vapor. Vents should be large enough to allow at least a few air exchanges per hour.

Example of air circulation vent installed in sauna wall.

Wall mounted sauna light with optional 180 light diffusing shade, for lights mounted away from corner.

Outdoor sauna room with vaulted ceiling. Finnleo electric sauna heater has stainless steel shroud and has large rock capacity for lots of steam output when pouring water on rocks.

Ipe tile flooring, made with FSC certified jungle ironwood lumber fastened to plastic support base, allows water to flow through and drain away.

Small white Aspen sauna room with 2 tier Basswood benches.

All Glass panel door is 1/4" thick bronze tinted tempered glass.

Large Commercial size sauna has capacity for many sauna bathers.

Custom Aspen Sauna with Finnleo sauna heater and horizontal Aspen T&G wood on walls and ceiling. -- Thanks to Matt P. of Lexington, Massachusetts for this custom sauna photo.

Scandia Ultra electric heater is best for 'dry' saunas however water can be poured on top rock tray for steam. Triple support heater guards are available in Basswood or Cedar.

Example of heater guard for wood burning sauna stove.

Gas powered sauna stove with brick surround.

3 Tier bench layout with sliding lower bench for more seating room if needed.

Copper Combo Special and 2 oz. Eucalyptus oil, just a sampling of our great assortment of sauna accessories.

Horizontal application of white Aspen sauna wood with matching Basswood benches. -- Thanks to Rick R. of Woodland, California for submitting this custom sauna photo.

Thanks to Matt P. of Lexington, Massachusetts for this custom sauna photo.

Example of sauna room with nailers installed between wall studs for vertical paneling application.

Tongue and Groove boards are best installed with stainless steel Nails in an air powered finish nail gun for speed and accuracy. Other types of fasteners can corrode over time and leave streaks down walls.

Western Red Cedar Sauna Room

Gas Sauna Stove installed in Outdoor Sauna building. 'Full Glass' custom sauna door and white Aspen sauna wood. -- Thanks to Rick R. of Woodland, California for submitting this custom sauna photo.

Sauna entrance door with double paned insulated glass installed in commercial hotel sauna.

2 styles of Ipe wood 1 foot square tiles shown with transitioning edging sloper pieces.

Choices of Interior Trim Package: Cedar to match Red Cedar woods or white Basswood to match Aspen woods.

See Superior Saunas quality materials for yourself with our Sample Pack. Pieces of actual materials are labeled with features of each wood type. Small charge for postage is refunded with sauna kit purchase.

Outdoor sauna building with White Cedar T&G paneling.

White Aspen paneling installed vertically for most economical use of material and minimal board waste.

Sauna door vents are best for sauna rooms with brick / concrete walls to provide adequate ventilation.

Sauna door vents are best for sauna rooms with brick / concrete walls to provide adequate ventilation.

Sauna Kit order ready for delivery. Most complete sauna kits fit on just one pallet and can be unloaded by hand in bundles if no fork lift available at delivery site.

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