Commercial Sauna Remodeling

Keweenaw Memorial Fitness Center in Houghton, MI
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Superior Sauna full glass door with laser engraved art and custom lighthouse door handle.

All Stainless Steel Scandia gas sauna heater. 10 year warranty.

Superior Sauna Stout benches are made with Basswood. No hot spots! Clear Basswood with no knots is used and hidden corrosion resistant fasteners are installed from the bottom. A clean seamless look that will last for generations.

Basswood curved backrest makes the sauna experience more relaxing.

Copper bucket is part of the Copper Combo Special; bucket, ladle and soap.

Aspen paneling is mostly clear with few knots.

Steam room sauna light with vapor proof seal on globe and base.

Many commercial facilities use gas burning sauna heaters for efficiency and quickly getting sauna up to steamy temperatures.

Local building codes usually require a brick or stone surround for gas or wood burning sauna heaters.

The heavy duty heater guard complete with laser engraved art is just part of the Superior Sauna experience. Custom laser engraved art can be put on most glass or wood surfaces.

Ipe tile flooring comes in 1 foot square tiles and easily snaps together virtually eliminating installation labor costs. Tiles can be removed for cleaning, just un-snap the connected tiles. Plastic grid base with stainless steel screws allows water to drain away. The best sauna flooring product on the market.

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