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December 2017 Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter 0

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December 2017 Newsletter

Ashland Fire Department Sauna

Ashland Fire Department Sauna Donation

Rick Olivo/Staff Photo

Gathering in front of an infrared sauna donated by Superior Saunas of Ashland, are, from left, Fire Captain Dave Wegener, Superior Sauna representative Matt Westlund, Omer Nelson Electric representative Sarah Nelson and Ashland Fire Chief Wayne Chenier. The unit, which was wired up, also as a donation by Nelson Electric, is a prized addition for firefighters, said Chenier. The low-temperature infrared heat will allow firefighters to displace toxins absorbed in firefighting through sweat. It is believed those toxins are the caused for increasing levels of cancers suffered by firefighters nationwide. Ashland will join a small but growing number of fire departments that use saunas as a cancer preventative.

Check out the full story on our Facebook page:  Ashland Fire Department Sauna Donation

Photo and Story Credit to:  Rick Olivo and the Ashland Daily Press
Superior Sauna Holiday Schedule

Superior Sauna Holiday Schedule 

With the upcoming Holidays we are taking a little extra time off to spend more time with our families.  

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Free Sample Pack

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