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December 2017 Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter 0

Superior Sauna & Steam

December 2017 Newsletter

Ashland Fire Department Sauna

Ashland Fire Department Sauna Donation

Rick Olivo/Staff Photo

Gathering in front of an infrared sauna donated by Superior Saunas of Ashland, are, from left, Fire Captain Dave Wegener, Superior Sauna representative Matt Westlund, Omer Nelson Electric representative Sarah Nelson and Ashland Fire Chief Wayne Chenier. The unit, which was wired up, also as a donation by Nelson Electric, is a prized addition for firefighters, said Chenier. The low-temperature infrared heat will allow firefighters to displace toxins absorbed in firefighting through sweat. It is believed those toxins are the caused for increasing levels of cancers suffered by firefighters nationwide. Ashland will join a small but growing number of fire departments that use saunas as a cancer preventative.

Check out the full story on our Facebook page:  Ashland Fire Department Sauna Donation

Photo and Story Credit to:  Rick Olivo and the Ashland Daily Press
Superior Sauna Holiday Schedule

Superior Sauna Holiday Schedule 

With the upcoming Holidays we are taking a little extra time off to spend more time with our families.  

Free Sample Pack

Free Sample Pack

Do you dream of having your own sauna? Start by ordering one of our free samples packs. See the quality of Superior Sauna components before purchasing your sauna kit. Includes samples of home sauna and commercial sauna room building materials. These are all of the sauna liner materials that fit your pre-framed sauna room indoors or in outdoor building. Our sauna woods start from logs and lumber dried to our specifications. Before making a major purchase for the sauna of your dreams, get our sample pack and see Superior Sauna's quality. Bench, backrest and trim materials have matching 3/4 round radius edges.

Magic Energy Infrared Pillow


Magic Energy Infrared Pillow

Magic Energy Massage Pillow uses advance massage technology which helps to reduce fatigue, stress, pain and massage tired muscles. The pillow also uses an infrared heat therapy function to improve blood circulation. 4 massage points and 2 massage directions (clockwise/anti-clockwise) for complete coverage when using on the neck, back, arm, thigh, calf or feet. Portable and simple design suitable for use in cars, offices & homes. Car charger and power adapter included. Made of high quality PU leather and a reinforced mesh.

September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter 0

Superior Sauna & Steam

September 2017 Newsletter

Club Industry Show

Club Industry Show - Hilton Chicago - October 4-6

We are heading to the Club Industry Show in Chicago!  If you plan on going, make sure to stop by our booth, #313.  The exhibitor hall will be open the 5th & 6th.

Saunamaestro Sauna Humidifier

Saunamaestro Sauna Humidifier


Create a unique atmosphere in your sauna!

One of the three pillars of enjoying a sauna is sufficient humidity. Saunamaestro efficiently moistens sauna air, while its fountain creates a unique atmosphere. A large basin, in which you can also mix sauna fragrances, lengthens the life of the product. Made of pure, unique soapstone over two billion years old, which withstands high temperatures.

Custom Sauna Planner

Relax, soothe sore muscles, joints and let stress fade away in your very own sauna with our sauna room kit. Pour water over sauna heater rocks for traditional finnish steam sauna. Select from the most popular sauna wood paneling types, white aspen or western red cedar. Sauna room kits are designed for residential home saunas and commercial saunas (gyms, hotels, military fitness centers and more). We have studied saunas all over the world to perfect the Superior Sauna.

Polar Electric Heaters


Polar Electric Heaters

The name Polar is your assurance of years of reliable sauna enjoyment due to the integrity of design and use of high quality materials.

All Polar heaters come with a Free Accessory Kit.

We offer Free Shipping on Junior, HMR, & HNVR models.

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Superior Sauna & Steam

June 2017 Newsletter

Combo Accessory Kit

Accessory Combo Kits 

We offer many different Accessory Combo Kits that will enhance your sauna experience at a discounted price (compared to purchasing each item individually).

The picture to the left is of our Deluxe 6 Piece Red Cedar Accessory Kit. Included in this kit is

  • 1.8 Gallon Cedar Bucket with a stainless steel liner
  • Stainless steel liner with Cedar handle
  • Cedar Sauna entrance sign
  • Cedar Thermometer/Hygrometer
  • 8 oz. Bottle of Eucalyptus Oil
White Aspen

Lumber for Building Projects

Our lumber can be used for other building projects besides a sauna.  We offer clear Western Red Cedar, White Aspen, and Nordic Finish Spruce.  All wood is kiln dried to 6-8% moisture to lock and stabilize the wood fibers


Free Accessory Combo Kit with Sauna Heater Purchase*

Currently with any purchase of a sauna heater* you will get a free Accessory Combo Kit.  The kit includes:

  • 1 Gallon Pine Bucket with plastic liner
  • Aspen Ladle
  • Aspen Thermometer
  • 13 oz. Rento Eucalyptus Oil
​*Nippa Brand Heaters are not included in this deal